President's Council

The University of Louisville President’s Council is an advisory body that provides the office of the president with ongoing assistance in achieving the strategic mission of the University.  It is composed of persons interested in and loyal to the University of Louisville who have a record of leadership in other organizations or communities and who seek to contribute their leadership skills and resources to the development and advancement of the University.

In advising the President, the primary objectives of the President’s Council shall be:

  • to support and enhance the quality and effectiveness of the University’s programs
  • to serve as a resource to the President for strategic planning, and to act as a sounding board for the President on any matters she may wish to communicate to the communities served by the University
  • to serve as ambassadors for the University to enhance its reputation and  strengthen external relations
  • to assist the University in identifying and obtaining resources
  • to assist the University in recruiting and retaining outstanding students, faculty, and staff
  • to offer advice and candid feedback to the President on all matters affecting the mission of the University
  • to help the University pursue its vision as it embodies the CARDINAL Principles, and
  • to continually explore and question University policies, practices, and decisions to enhance outcomes in every manner possible and to assist the University in making wise choices on matters affecting its reputation.

The President’s Council of the University of Louisville shall consists of 60 Regular, voting members, at least two-thirds of whom shall reside in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.  In addition, there may be Emeritus, non-voting members.

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