Fire Log

Emergency - call 911Belknap (502) 852-6111HSC (502) 852-2402ShelbyHurst (502) 852-1436PEACC Program (502) 852-2663
Emergency - call 911

UofL Police
Belknap (502) 852-6111
HSC (502) 852-2402
ShelbyHurst (502) 852-1436

PEACC Program (502) 852-2663

The ULPD Fire Log records all fires that occur within campus student housing, affiliated properties, and other locations on campus. The log records fires that were already extinguished and those discovered still burning. The reported date, incident date, time, location, and cause will be included. Fires can be reported to ULPD by anyone.

ULPD will post incidents in the Fire Log within two business days of receiving a report of a fire incident, except for days the University is closed. The Fire Log is available for public inspection online and at the department, located at 2126 S. Floyd St. #100. Anyone may have access to the log, whether or not they are associated with the University.

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