PhD Students

Department of Physics and Astronomy - PhD Recipients


  • Alharbi, Safia Abdullah R - PhD in Physics "First-Principles Study of Two-Dimensional Polar Heterostructures"
  • Milinda Bhratha, Kalutara Koralalage - PhD in Physics "Super-Sulfur Cathodes for Quasi-Solid-State Lithium-Sulfur Batteries"
  • Camella-Rosa Nasr - PhD in Physics "Mach and Groude Numbers on Mars"
  • Kazi J. Tasnim - PhD in Physics "Ab initio Study Of The Aspects Of AsxP1−x Alloys And SiC/GeC Bilayer Heterostructure"
  • Dinushika Vithanage - PhD in Physics "Intercalation and High-Pressure Investigations of Black Arsenic Phosphorus: Unraveling Material Transformations"


    Ali Alzahrani - PhD in Physics "2D Materials Based Heterostructures for Quantum Tunneling: A Lithography Free Technique"


  • Jacob Berg - PhD in Physics
  • Bhupendra Karki - PhD in Physics
  • Md Rajib Khan Musa - PhD in Physics
  • Sahar Pishgar - PhD in Physics
  • Manthila Rajapakse - PhD in Physics


  • Alaa M A A M Alfailakawi - PhD in Physics
  • Atanu Pathak - PhD in Physics
  • Aymen Hasan Atallh Qatamin - PhD in Physics
  • Grigorii Rudakov - PhD in Physics
  • Lokupatabendige Vitharana - PhD in Physics


  • Adel Alruqi - PhD in Physics "2D Materials Based Heterostructures: A Lithography Free Method"
  • Ruchira Dharmasena - PhD in Physics "Fabrication of Mesoporous TiO2 Coated Sulfur Cathode and Pre-Lithiated α-MoO3 Anode for High Energy Density and Durable Lithium Sulfur Batteries"


  • Jafar Ghithan - PhD in Physics “Photonic Tools For Advanced Sensing And Imaging At The Nanoscale”
  • Elijah Jensen - PhD in Physics “High Dynamic Range Optical Devices and Applications”
  • Congyan Zhang - PhD in Physics “Computational Prediction, Characterization and Methodology Development for Two-Dimensional Nanostructures: Phosphorene and Phosphide Binary Compounds”
  • Rong Zhao - PhD in Physics “Plasma Based Synthesis and Surface Modification of Graphene”


  • Meysam Akhtar - PhD in Physics “Synthesis and Fundamental Property Studies of Energy Material Under High Pressure”
  • Jeremy Huber - PhD in Physics (joint UofL and UK program), "Multispectral Observations and Analysis of the Rosette Nebula"
  • Farzaneh Hoveyda - PhD in Physics “All-Optical Switching in Ferromagnetic Superlattices”
  • Alex Larin - PhD in Physics “Artificial Olfactory System For Multi-Component Analysis Of Gas Mixtures”


  • George Anderson - PhD in Physics “In-Situ Characterization of Gas and Light Dependent Transport Properties in Novel 2D Material Based Optoelectronic Devices”
  • Cherno Baba Kah - PhD in Physics "Materials Design and Band Gap Engineering of Complex Nanostructures Using a Semi-Empirical Approach: Low Dimensional Boron Nanostructures, h-BN Sheet with Graphene Domains and Holey Graphene"


  • Karen Collins - PhD in Physics 2015 "High-precision time-series photometry for the discovery and charac-terization of transiting exoplanets"


  • Xue Han - PhD in Physics (currently: Associate Professor, Dalian University of Technology, School of Optoelectronic Engineering and Instrumentation Science)
  • Andriy Sherehiy - PhD in Physics “Thermionic Emission Properties Of The Novel Carbon Nanostructures”


  • Ruwantha Jayasingha - PhD in Physics 2013 “Controlled Plasma Functionalization Of Graphene And Cfx Materials For Energy Storage Applications”
  • Paul Tandy - PhD in Physics 2013 "A Robust Semi-empirical Hamiltonian for Boron with Applications"


  • Jeffrey Hay - PhD in Physics "High dynamic range imaging for the detection of motion"