Business Manager

Provides support for:

  • budgeting
  • timekeeping
  • personnel issues
  • billing
  • training records
  • upkeep of billing system
  • overall administration of Physical Plant Department


To print out a copy of your invoice for backup:

1.  Log in to University Reports

2.  Go to Financials - Individual Detail - BI-02 Physical Plant Bill

3.  Enter the Work order number for Job Number (Example 08-#####)

4.  Enter period then enter the year (Physical Plant period is always one month behind the University Reporting period)


Questions concerning billing issues should be directed to Tina Pierce (502) 852-8190 or Patty Abell (502) 852-8180 by phone.  Or e-mail Tina Pierce or Patty Abell directly.


Open a chargeable service request.

Open a non-chargeable service request.