Business Manager

Provides support for:

  • budgeting
  • timekeeping
  • personnel issues
  • billing
  • training records
  • upkeep of billing system
  • overall administration of Physical Plant Department

To print out a copy of your invoice for backup:

  1. Log in to the Report System
  2. Go to Financials - Individual Detail - BI-02 Physical Plant Bill
  3. Enter the Work order number for Job Number (Example 23-#####)
  4. Enter period then enter the year (Physical Plant period is always one month behind the Reporting period.  If it reports on May Report enter April Period)

Send questions concerning billing to:
Crystal Mays (502) 852-8180 or by email
Tina Pierce (502) 852-8190 or by email

Open a chargeable service request.

Open a non-chargeable service request.