Staff Directory

Aaron BoggsAssistant Director for Maintenance;  502-852-8181

George Kirwan, Assistant Director for Engineering; 502-852-6241

Steve Michal, Assistant Director for Belknap and Shelby Campus Electrical Operations; 502-852-7575

Tina PierceAssistant Director for Physical Plant Business Office; 502-852-8190

Irvin Williams, Assistant Director for Custodial Services; 502-852-8200

William Hammond, HSC and ShelbyAssistant Superintendent for Custodial Services; 502-852-7174

Dennis Thomas, BelknapAssistant Superintendent for Custodial Services; 502-852-8207

Rick Martin, Maintenance & Renovation Superintendent; 502-852-8985

Greg Schetler, Belknap Grounds Superintendent; 502-852-0926

Clifton Gosser, Building Systems Engineer; 502-852-8179

Donnie Thomas, Building Systems Engineer; 502-852-0022

James Burchfield, Manager Physical Plant Staff Development; 502-852-0925

Kim Noltemeyer, Unit Business Manager; 502-852-8186