Building Codes

Building Code Official Building Name Common Name Address
001 H. Charles Grawemeyer Hall Grawemeyer Hall 2301 S. 3rd Street
002 Bennett M. Brigman Hall Brigman Hall 2311 S 3rd Street
003 John L. Patterson Hall Patterson Hall 2313 S 3rd Street
004 John W. Shumaker Research Building Shumaker Research Building 2210 S. Brook Street
005 Julius John Oppenheimer Hall Kent School of Social Work Oppenheimer Hall 2217 S. 3rd street
006 Edward Stockton Jouett Hall Jouett Hall 2220 W. Centennial Walk
007 Arthur Y. Ford Hall Ford Hall 2222 W. Centennial Walk
008 Clarence R. Gardiner Hall College of Arts & Sciences Gardiner Hall 2224 W. Centennial Walk
009 William F. Ekstrom Library Ekstrom Library 2215 S. 3rd Street
010 Louis Gottschalk Hall Gottschalk Hall 2226 W. Centennial Walk
011 The Belknap Playhouse Playhouse 1911 S. 3rd Street
012 Ralph Wright Natatorium Natatorium 2216 S. Floyd Street
013 David Alexander McCandless Hall McCandless Hall  - SPI 2315 S. 3rd Street
014 Planet Fitness Kueber Center The YUM! Center 2432 S. Floyd Street
015 Administrative Annex Institute for International Development 2309 S. 3rd Street
016 Donald C. & Lavinia L. Swain Student Activities Center Student Activities Center (SAC) 2100 S. Floyd Street
017 Bingham Humanities Building Bingham Humanities 2216 S. First Street Walk
018 Life Sciences Building Life Sciences 0214 W. Barbee Street Walk
019 Brandeis School of Law Law School - Wyatt Hall 2219 S. 3rd Street
01A North Information Center North Information Center 2000 S. First Street Walk
01B West Information Center West Information Center  (Oval) 2307 S. 3rd Street
020 Evelyn Schneider Hall Schneider Hall 2300 S. First Street Walk
021 James G. & Jesse Miller Information Technology  Center MITC - Miller Information Technology  Center 2315 S. First Street Walk
022 Malcolm B. Chancey, Jr. University Club & Alumni Center University Club 0200 E. Brandeis Avenue
023 Paul C. Lutz Hall Lutz Hall 0200 E. Shipp Street Walk
024 Hilda Threlkeld Hall Threlkeld Hall Dorm 0121 E. Centennial Walk
027 Guy Stevenson Hall Stevenson Hall 0101 E. Centennial Walk
028 Duthie Center for Engineering Duthie Center 0222 Eastern Parkway
029 Russell E. Dougherty Hall Dougherty Hall 0333 Eastern Parkway
030 James B. Speed Building Speed School of Engineering JB Speed 0220 Eastern Parkway
031 Frederic M. Sackett Hall Sackett Hall 0332 Eastern Parkway
032 William S. Speed Building W.S. Speed 0218 Eastern Parkway
033 Robert Craig Ernst Hall  Conn Center for Renewable Energy  Research Ernst Hall 0216 Eastern Parkway
034 Natural Sciences Building Natural Sciences 0215 Eastern Parkway
036 Chemistry Building Chemistry Building 2320 S. Brook Street
038 Lee P. Miller Hall Miller Hall Dorm 2005 S. First Street Walk
039 Community Park Community Park Dorm 2033 S. 4th Street
040 Gheens Science Hall Rauch Planetarium Planetarium 0106 W. Brandeis Avenue
041 George L Brodschi Hall International Center International Center 2218 W. Centennial Walk
043 Urban & Public Affairs Center for Urban & Economic Research - CUER 0426 W. Bloom Street
045 Louisville Hall Louisville Hall Dorm 0318 W. Brandeis Avenue
046 Billy Minardi Hall Minardi Hall Dorm 2040 S. 4th Street
047 Johnny Unitas Tower Unitas Tower Dorm 1901 S. 1st Street
048 University Tower Apartments UTA 2000 Unity Place
051 Medical Dental Research Building MDR 0511 S. Floyd Street
052 Medical Dental Apartments Med-Dent Apartments 0627 S. Preston Street
053 Developmental Biology Research Program Developmental Biology Building 0500 S. Floyd Street
054 U of L Physicians Outpatient Center HCOC -  Health Care Outpatient Center 0401 E. Chestnut Street
056 KY Lions Eye Research Center KY Lions Eye Building 0301 E. Muhammad Ali Blvd
057 Research Resources Center RRC 0301 Abraham Flexner Way
058 Raymond E. Myers Hall Myers Hall 0129 E. Broadway
060 Rollins S. Burhans Hall Burhans Hall 0440 N. Whittington Pkwy
063 Founders Union Kentucky Southern College Alumni Hall Founders Union Ky Southern College Alumni Hall 0450 N. Whittington Pkwy
065 Center for Predictive Medicine Center for Predictive Medicine 0950 N Hurstbourne Pkwy
069 Humana Gymnasium Humana Gymnasium 0601 Presidents Blvd
070 Steam and Chilled Water Plant Steam and Chilled Water Plant 2301 S. Brook Street
071 Studio Arts/HSC Advising Center HPES 2314 S. Floyd Street
075 Floyd Street Parking Garage Floyd Street Parking Garage 2126 S. Floyd Street
076 Cardinal Park Ulmer Stadium Softball Field 2101 S. Floyd Street
079 Development and University Relations Building Fairfax Building 2323 S. Brook Street
081 John Marston Houchens Building Student Services Center Houchens Building 2211 S. Brook Street
083 School of Music Music School 0105 W. Brandeis Ave.
084 Woodford R. and Harriett B. Porter Building College of Education & Human Development College of Education - Porter Building 1905 S. 1st  Street
085 Baptist Center Baptist Campus Center 2015 S. First Street Walk
086 Interfaith Center Interfaith Center 2201 S. First Street Walk
087 Philip & Jane Davidson Hall Davidson Hall 2010 S. First Street Walk
088 Woodrow Mann & Florence Strickler Hall Strickler Hall 2010 S. Avery Court Walk
089 University Planning Design & Construction UPDC 0421 W. Cardinal Blvd.
090 Harry Frazier Hall College of Business - CBPA - Frazier Hall 0110 W. Brandeis Ave
091 Walter L. Moore Observatory Main Building Moore Observatory Solar House 8000 Old Zaring Rd
092 Herman and Heddy Kurz Hall Kurz Hall 1900 S. 4th Street
093 Stadium Athletic Building Stadium Athletic Building 0937 Phillips Lane
094 Bettie Johnson Hall Bettie Johnson Hall 0401 W. Cardinal Blvd
095 Amelia Place President's Home 2515 Longest Avenue
098 Inventory Control/Stockroom/Central Receiving Inventory Control/Stockroom 1901 Floyd Street
099 Henry Vogt Building Vogt - CAE 0334 Eastern Pkwy
100 Archaeological Survey/Transportation Building Archaeological Survey/ Grounds Maintenance Shop 1820 Arthur Street
101 Grounds Services Grounds Services 1704 S. Floyd Street
102 Northeast Services Building Northeast Services Building 1700 S. Floyd Street
103 Paint Shop Paint Shop 1702 S. Floyd Street
104 Mechanical/Electrical Services Mechanical/Electrical Services 1810 S. Floyd Street
106 Human Resources Tafel Warehouse Human Resources 1980 Arthur Street
107 Environmental Health & Safety Building Environmental Health & Safety Building - EHS 1800 Arthur Street
108 Cardinal Stadium Papa John's Cardinal Stadium 2800 S. Floyd Street
109 Howard Schnellenberger Football Complex Facilities Building - Football Training Complex 2770 S. Floyd Street
110 Lyles Mall Lyles Mall 2600 W. Broadway
111 Bass Rudd Tennis Center Bass Rudd Tennis Center 2311 S. Floyd Street
113 Jim Patterson Baseball Stadium Patterson Baseball Stadium 3015 S. 3rd Street
114 Scholar House - Building "A" Scholar House - Building "A" 0401 Reg Smith Circle
115 Scholar House - Offices Scholar House - Offices 0403 Reg Smith Circle
116 Scholar House - Building "C" Scholar House - Building "C" 0404 Reg Smith Circle
117 Scholar House - Building "B" Scholar House - Building "B" 0405 Reg Smith Circle
118 Scholar House - Building "D" Scholar House - Building "D" 0406 Reg Smith Circle
119 Scholar House - Building "E" Scholar House - Building "E" 0407 Reg Smith Circle
120 Early Learning Campus Child Development Center 0409 Reg Smith Circle
121 Cardinal Station Cardinal Station 0215 Central Avenue
122 Drop Forge Building Kentucky Trailer 2601 S. 3rd Street
123 Student Recreation Center Student Recreation Center 2030 S. 4th Street
124 Soccer Stadium Facility Building Soccer Stadium Facility Building 0337 Byrne Avenue
125 Belknap Academic Building Belknap Academic Building 201 E. Shipp Street Walk
126 TBD - Was Heddy & Herman Kurz Visitors Center Kurz Visitors Center TBD
128 Dorm Replacement for Threlkeld Hall TBD TBD
129 Dorm Replacement for Miller Hall TBD TBD
147 Marynell - Former Doyle House Marynell - Former Doyle House 1470 South 4th Street
148 Fort Knox College Center Fort Knox College Center 31 Warehouse Street, Building 65, Fort Knox, KY
149 Village West Mall Village West Mall 1015 W. Chestnut
152 Cressman Center for Visual Art Cressman Center for Visual Art (leased) 0100 E Main Street
153 Mental Health Clinic NIA Center (leased) 2900 W. Broadway
155 Lee Street Building Lee Street Building 0425 W. Lee Street
157 Jefferson County Education Center - Metropolitan College Jefferson County Ed Cnt Metropolitan College 0200 W. Broadway
158 University of Louisville Golf Club Clubhouse Tom Musselman Golf Center Cardinal Club 0401 Champions Way
160 Legal Aid Society Legal Aid Society (leased) 0416 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd
161 U of L Autism Center U of L Autism Center 1405 E. Burnett Ave
162 Nucleus iHub Nucleus Innovation 0204 S. Floyd Street
164 Sam Swope Kosair Charities Center U of L Pediatrics and Dental School Clinics 0982 Eastern Parkway
165 Brook Street Warehouse Southern Kitchens 1601 South Brook Street
201 Watterson Towers Family Medicine Newburg 1941 Bishop Lane
202 Chalke Chiropractic Cancer Center Outreach Off - Paducah(leased) 0412 Adams Street
204 State Office Building Cancer Center Outreach Off - Madisonville(leased) 0625 Hospital Dr Rm 235
205 Heuser Hearing Institute (Leased) Heuser Hearing Institute 0117 E Kentucky Street
206 The Midtown Building Cancer Center Outreach Off - Owensboro(leased) 0920 Fredrica Street, Suite 202
210 Wayside Christian Mission Hotel Louisville (leased) 0120 West Broadway
213 School of Dentistry E-town School of Dentistry E-town (leased) 0120 Helmwood Plaza Drive
215 Louisville Central Community Center School of Public Health 1300 W. Muhammad Ali
216 Conn Center Science Garage Conn Center First Kentucky Trust Company 2929 S. Floyd Street
217 Kentucky Cancer Program 810 Morton Avenue, Suite 103 0810 Morton Avenue, Suite 103
218 Rowan Building 1606 Rowan Street 1606 Rowan Street
219 Clifton Center 2117 Payne Street 2117 Payne Street
220 Bingham Building Forensic Pathology Medical Examiner 10511 LaGrange Rd
221 School of Dentistry Paducah School of Dentistry Paducah (leased) 4810 Alben Barkley Drive
222 Knicely Conference Center Cancer Center Outreach Off -Bowling Green (leased) 2355 Nashville Road
25A Overseers Honors House Honors House 2211 S. First Street Walk
301 Cardinal Park - Don Fightmaster Playground Cardinal Park - Don Fightmaster Playground 2209 S. Floyd Street
302 Cardinal Park Practice Field - Trager Family Field Cardinal Park Practice Field - Trager Family Fld 0317 University Boulevard
303 Pavilion - Joe Kitchen Memorial Pavilion Pavilion - Joe Kitchen Memorial Pavilion Same as Ulmer Softball
304 McDonald Soccer Field McDonald Soccer Field 2301 S. Floyd Street
305 LaCrosse Stadium Lacrosse Stadium 2440 S. Floyd Street
306 Papa John's Cardinal Stadium Practice Field Papa John's Cardinal Stadium Practice Field 2550 S. Floyd Street
307 FORMER SGA/Parkway Intramural Complex FORMER SGA/Parkway Intramural Complex 2400 Brook Street Connector
308 Throws Field Throws Field 2401  Brook Street Connector
309 Patrick Hughes Field Patrick Hughes Field 2501 Brook Street Connector
310 Dr. Mark & Cindy Lynn Stadium Soccer Stadium 2525 S. Floyd Street
33A Phoenix House Phoenix House 0216 Eastern Parkway
33B Energy Conservation Test Builiding Civil Engineering small bldg Campus South
34A Solvent Storage Bldg Solvent Storage Bldg 2320 S. Brook Street
39G Cultural Center Cultural Center - Minority Affairs 0120 E. Brandeis Ave
39I George J. Howe Red Barn Red Barn 2011 S. Brook Street
39N Chi Omega Sorority Chi Omega Sorority 2018 Unity Place
39O Triangle Fraternity Triangle Fraternity 2022 Unity Place
39Q Sigma Chi Fraternity Sigma Chi Fraternity 2030 Unity Place
39R Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity 2034 Unity Place
39S Beta Theta Pi Fraternity Beta Theta Pi Fraternity 2038 Unity Place
39T Delta Zeta Sorority Delta Zeta Sorority 2104 Unity Place
39V Sigma Kappa Sorority Sigma Kappa  Sorority 2026 Unity Place
39W Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity 2100 Unity Place
39X Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity 2106 Unity Place
401 The Province The Province Student Housing 0620 W. Shipp Avenue
402 Bellamy Bellamy Student Housing 1501 Bellamy Place
403 Cardinal Towne - Phase 1 Cardinal Towne - Phase 1 1830 S. 3rd Street
404 Cardinal Towne - Historic Home 1 Cardinal Towne - Historic Home 1 1800 S. 3rd Street
405 Cardinal Towne - Historic Home 2 Cardinal Towne - Historic Home 2 1806 S. 3rd Street
406 Cardinal Towne - Historic Home 3 Cardinal Towne - Historic Home 3 1810 S. 3rd Street
407 Cardinal Towne - Phase 2 Cardinal Towne - Phase 2 0330 W. Bloom Street
408 The Arch Grove Student Housing 2501 S. 4th Street
409 The Clubhouse The Clubhouse 2330 Crittenden Dr
410 The Nine The Nine 1900 S. Floyd Street
411 The Retreat The Retreat 1000 Manor Park Drive
48A The Ville Grill The Ville Grill 0300 W. Brandeis Avenue
49D University Pointe Unity Place Student Housing 2108 Unity Place
50A U of L Hospital Ambulatory Care ACB 0550 S. Jackson Street
50C U of L Hospital Concentrated Care CCB 0545 S. Jackson Street
50I ULH Institutional Services & Parking ULH Institutional Services - Parking 0530 S. Jackson Street
50R J. Graham Brown Regional Cancer Center Brown Cancer Center 0529 S. Jackson Street
51B Norton Medical Towers South Norton Medical Towers South (leased) 0234 E. Gray Street
52B 522 East Gray Street Building Former Home of the Innocents bldg 2 0522 E. Gray Street
54A Norton Children's Hospital Kosair Children's Hospital (leased) 0231 E. Chestnut Street
54B Children's Foundation Building Children's Foundation Building 0601 S. Floyd Street
54D Norton Hospital Norton Hospital (leased) 0200 E. Chestnut Street
54E Chestnut Street Parking Garage Chestnut Street Parking Garage 0414 E. Chestnut Street
54F Nucleus Innovation Park Downtown - Broadway Med Center One 0501 E. Broadway
54G University Fitness Center HSC HSC Exercise Facility- S.F. included with 054E 0416 E. Chestnut Street
54H Nucleus Innovation Tech Center-Jefferson Street Med Center Three -Jefferson St 0201 E. Jefferson Street
54I Nucleus Innovation Chestnut DELETE Med Center Two - Chestnut St 1044 E. Chestnut Street
54J Nucleus Innovation Atria Support Center Haymarket 0300 E. Market Street
54K Nucleus Innovation 204 E Market St Bldg Former Dulworth Bldg 0204 E. Market Street
54L Nucleus Innovation 252 East Market Street Bldg Nucleus Innovation Market St 0252 E. Market Street
55A School of Medicine Tower A Building 0319 Abraham Flexner Way
55B Health Sciences Building HSC Instructional Building 0500 S. Preston Street
55C School of Dentistry School of Dentistry 0501 S. Preston Street
55D Health Sciences Library and Commons Kornhauser Library 0540 S. Preston Street
55E Donald E. Baxter Biomedical Research Building Center Baxter I 0570 S. Preston Street
55F Delia B. Baxter Biomedical Research Building Baxter II 0580 S. Preston Street
55G Kosair Charities Clinical and Translational Research Building at the University of Louisville CTR 0505 S. Hancock Street
55H 620 Garage 620 Garage 0620  E. Muhammad Ali
55J Novak Center for Children's Health Pediatric Medical Office Building 0411 E. Chestnut Street
57C Cardiovascular Innovation Institute CII 0302 E. Muhammad Ali Blvd
57E University of Louisville Dialysis Center former Healthsouth- Ambulatory Surgery Center 0614 E. Chestnut Street
58A Norton Healthcare Pavilion Alliant Medical Pavilion 0315 E. Broadway
58B Arthur Keeney House Former Brown Foundation Building 0132 E. Gray Street
59A Lampton Building Lampton Building (Ky One) 0535 S. Hancock Street
59B K Building School of Nursing 0555 S. Floyd Street
59C Abell Administration Center Abell Administration Center 0323 E. Chestnut Street
59D Kosair Charities Pediatric Center Kosair Charities Pediatric Center 0571 S. Floyd Street
59E Norton 224 E. Broadway Building Norton 224 E. Broadway Building (leased) 0224 E. Broadway
59G University Child Health Specialists Building UofL Pediatrics - Broadway 0230 East Broadway
59H Turner's Building Turner's Building (leased) 0310 E. Broadway
59J Frazier Rehab Institute Frazier Rehab Institute (leased) 0220 Abraham Flexner Way
59K Community Health Center Community Health Center (leased) 1015 W. Chestnut Street
59M Louisville/Jefferson County Health Department Louisville/Jefferson County Health Department 0400 E. Gray Street
59P School of Public Health and Information Sciences School of Public Health and Information Sciences 0485 E. Gray Street
59R Kidney Disease Building KDP Building 0615 S. Preston Street
59S SW Jefferson County Health Department SW Jefferson County Health Department (equipment) 7219 Dixie Highway
59T Rudd Heart & Lung Center Rudd Heart & Lung Center (Leased) 0201 Abraham Flexner Way
59X Artspace Building Artspace Building (donor) 0323 W. Broadway
59Y Heyburn Building UofL Pediatrics - sleep 0332 W.  Broadway
59Z Jewish Hospital Medical Center SW Jewish Hospital Medical Center SW (leased) 9702 Stonestreet Rd
69A University Park Apartments University Park Apartments (Map use) 2207 James Pirtle Ct
75A Bus Station Floyd St Garage Bus station Floyd St- included in parking garage 2126 S. Floyd Street
76A Cardinal Sportplex Cardinal Sportplex 2125 S. Floyd Street
76B Cardinal Park Soccer/Track Stadium Cardinal Park Soccer/Track Stadium 2125 S. Floyd Street
76C Cardinal Park Field Hockey Press Box Cardinal Park Field Hockey Press Box 0317 University Boulevard
76D Koetter Softball Batting Cages Softball Batting Cages 2101 S. Floyd Street
76E Cardinal Park Marshall Center Marshall Center 0317 University Boulevard
77A J. Stoddard Johnston Scholar House Johnston Scholar House 2301 Bradley Avenue
80A Service Complex Service Complex 2215 S. Brook Street
901 Jewish Hospital Jewish Hospital (Map use only) 0200 Abraham Flexner Way
902 Jewish Hospital Outpatient Care Center OCC leased 225 Abraham Flexner Way
903 Jewish Hospital Parking Garage Jewish Hospital Parking Garage (Map use only) 0450 South Floyd St
905 Steam and Chilled Water HSC Steam and Chilled Water HSC (Map use only) unknown
91A Moore Observatory MORC DOME Moore Observatory MORC DOME 7819 Old Zaring Rd
91B Moore Observatory Roll Roof Bldg Moore Observatory Roll Roof Bldg 7819 Old Zaring Rd
91C Moore Observatory CDK20 DOME Moore Observatory CDK20 DOME 7819 Old Zaring Rd
91D Observatory Mount Kent Australia EDG Building Observatory Mount Kent Australia EDG Building Bernards Road Greenmount QLD
91E Observatory  Mount Kent Australia CDK20 Dome Observatory  Mount Kent Australia CDK20 Dome Bernards Road Greenmount QLD
91F Observatory  Mount Kent Australia CDK700 Dome Observatory  Mount Kent Australia CDK700 Dome Bernards Road Greenmount QLD
91G Observatory  Mount Kent Australia FSQ Shutter Observatory  Mount Kent Australia FSQ Shutter Bernards Road Greenmount QLD
91H Observatory Mount Lemmon Arizona Manner Telescope Manner Telescope Arizona unknown
95B Annsley Property Annsley Property 1259 Ray Avenue
96A Veteran's Hospital Research Veteran's Hospital Research (equipment) 0800 Zorn Avenue
972 YPAS YPAS unknown
973 Western Kentucky University Western Kentucky University unknown
974 Urban Design Studio Urban Design Studio unknown
975 UPS UPS unknown
976 St. Stephen St. Stephen unknown
977 Speed Museum Speed Museum 2035 S. 3rd Street
978 Panama Panama unknown
980 Noe Middle School Noe Middle School unknown
981 Metro Metro unknown
982 Local Schools Local Schools unknown
983 Louisville Zoo Louisville Zoo unknown
984 Kentucky Blind School Kentucky Blind School unknown
985 Japan Japan unknown
986 Iroquois High School Iroquois High School unknown
987 Gheen Academy Gheen Academy unknown
988 GE GE unknown
989 Greece Greece unknown
98A UofL Athletics Broadcast Center Former Belknap Operations/Central Receiving 1900 Arthur Street
990 El Salvador El Salvador unknown
991 Egypt Egypt unknown
992 Distance Ed Distance Ed unknown
993 Different Strokes Golf Course Different Strokes Golf Course unknown
994 Clinical Affiliates Clinical Affiliates unknown
995 China China unknown
996 Brescia Brescia unknown
997 Black Acre Park Black Acre Park unknown
998 Bellarmine University Bellarmine University unknown
104A MECH/ELEC Office Trailer Mechanical/Electrical Services 1810 S. Floyd Street
104B Mech/Elec Relief Trailer Mechanical/Electrical Services 1810 S. Floyd Street
104C Mech/Elec Elec Trailer Mechanical/Electrical Services 1810 S. Floyd Street
106A GE First Build Tafel warehouse GE First Build-SF incl'd with 106 0303 E. Brandeis Avenue
106B GE First Build Tafel warehouse GE First Build-SF incl'd with 106 0333 E. Brandeis Avenue
106C Additive Manufacturing Competency Center Tafel Warehouse-SF incl'd with 106 1940 Arthur Street
106D Speed Engineering Garage Tafel Warehouse-SF incl'd with 106 1960 Arthur Street
107A Environmental Protection Service Center Environmental Protection Service Center 1810 Arthur Street
108A Thornton's Academic Center for Excellence Thornton's Academic Center for Excellence 2500 S Floyd St
109A Trager Center Trager Center 2600 S. Floyd Street
113A Shad Mason Hack Shack Baseball Shad Mason Hack Shack 3015 3rd Street
123A SRC Storage Bldg Student Recreation Center Storage Building 2030 S. 4th Street
127A Provosts Office Business Services East Lee St KI Lumber 227 E Lee Street
127B TBD Lee St Property Lee St Property East 0311 E Lee Street
127C TBD Advanced Energy Materials Lee St Property East 0313 E Lee Street
127D TBD Lee St Property Lee St Property East 1600 S Floyd St
127E TBD Kindred Lee St Property East 1601 S Floyd St
127F TBD Lee St Property Lee St Property East 1600 S Floyd St
127G TBD Lee St Property Lee St Property East 0314 E Gaulbert
158A University of Louisville Golf Club Pool House Tom Musselman Golf Center Cardinal Club 0401 Champions Way
158B University of Louisville Golf Club Musselman Center Tom Musselman Golf Center Cardinal Club 0142 Clubhouse Lane Bldg #2
158C University of Louisville Golf Club maintenance Bldg Tom Musselman Golf Center Cardinal Club 0200 McDowell Lane
158D University of Louisville Golf Club Chemical Storage Tom Musselman Golf Center Cardinal Club 0401 Champions Way
209A Garvin Brown III Rowing Facility Rowing Facility 1321 River Road
305A Lacrosse Press Box Lacrosse Press Box 2440 S. Floyd Street
308A Throws Field Building Throws Field Building 2401 Brook Street Connector
309A Patrick Hughes Bldg Southeast Patrick Hughes Bldg Southeast 2501 Brook Street Connector
309B Patrick Hughes Bldg Southwest Patrick Hughes Bldg Southwest 2501 Brook Street Connector
309C Patrick Hughes Bldg North Patrick Hughes Bldg North 2501 Brook Street Connector