Student Learning Objectives

Specific learning objectives for students:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding broader than that generally provided within a single department or discipline;
  • Demonstrate extended, deepened, and refined skills in critical thinking, research,and writing;
  • Demonstrate knowledge among different contexts to underscore the interdependence of thought;
  • Demonstrate comprehension of the cross-connections among violence and justice on the micro, meso, and macro levels and to understand tools to increase justice and decrease violence;
  • Demonstrate critical thinking elements and standards such as relevance, assumptions, and accuracy;
  • Demonstrate ability to undertake a culminating peacebuilding experience that focuses on praxis, the application of theories and examples learned in class. Students will
  • volunteer with an off-campus organization whose mission addresses at least one aspect of peace, justice, or conflict transformation (examples among many include conflict, bullying, violence, social justice);
  • Demonstrate strong engagement as human beings and global citizens responsible for the world around them, present and future;
  • Demonstrate initial understanding of a vast topic that can be a locus for lifelong learning.