Peace and Collaborative Development Network

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Wondering about Careers in Peace Studies after Graduation?

The following career fields were drawn from recent jobs listings on


  • trauma therapy and healing
  • victim support
  • community healing and restorative justice
  • refugee resettlement

Humanitarian Action:

  • humanitarian emergency response
  • crisis health care and social services
  • public health work related to violence


  • human rights law
  • immigration law
  • labor and employment law
  • land issues and environmental law
  • migration and human trafficking


  • international economic development
  • housing and urban development
  • microfinance and small business development
  • strengthening democratic institutions
  • sustainable agriculture
  • local development around poverty, hunger, and homelessness

Conflict Transformation:

  • inter-faith, inter-ethnic, and intercultural dialogue
  • mediation or dispute settlement
  • language interpreting or teaching
  • reconciliation
  • violence prevention or resolution

Global Threat Mitigation:

  • economic and social injustice
  • climate change
  • gender exclusion and gender-based violence
  • genocide and mass violence
  • war and terrorism


  • diplomacy
  • human rights protection
  • peace processes
  • post-conflict reconstruction
  • civil-military relations
  • disarmament


  • human resources
  • public relations
  • contract negotiation