Office of Communications & Marketing

Protecting, promoting and enhancing the UofL brand

Resources & Tools

OCM is the starting point for access to marketing and communications tools and resources. Looking for an image to complete your project, or templates to help get started? The brand toolkit is full of resources to help in your efforts.

Additionally, we work to centralize a selection of tools and maintain a list of contracts with vendors, helping the university save money and time. If you have a request for a service or vendor not listed below, let us know.


Service Vendor Information Process
Logos UofL OCM Staff About Request
Photos (asset management) WebDam About Request access
Photography Requests UofL OCM Staff About Request
Templates & Brand Assets UofL OCM Staff About Download Tools
Typography (brand fonts) About Order


Service Vendor Information Process
Content management system (CMS) Plone About Request site
Short URLs About Request

Agency Partners

Service Vendor Information Process
Full-service BVK, Simpson Scarborough About Inquire
Digital Barkley REI About Inquire
Video Videobred About Inquire


Service Vendor Information Process
Events calendar Localist About Create Event

Message Delivery

Service Vendor Information Process
UofL Today Campaign Monitor About Submit

*If due to license or budget restrictions we cannot accommodate your request for access, we will provide a reasonable amount of data and information to help you achieve your objectives through singular one-off reports or materials.