Office of Communications & Marketing

Protecting, promoting and enhancing the UofL brand

What We Do

OCM supports UofL by providing resources, tools and guidance for the campus community and unit-focused projects, but we are also tasked with comprehensive marketing and communication efforts at every level that benefit the university at large. Depending upon the specifics of a project or initiative, OCM can provide expertise and direction in multiple ways through our various types of campus support.

Types of Campus Support

Campus Marketing Tools

Sometimes the only thing needed is the right tool to get the job done. We work to acquire access to resources that help units get their message heard. Through a wide array of options, we provide quick access to information and materials that can help units make informed decisions and take action on their ideas.

See what tools we currently have available or if you don't see what you're looking for, please let us know.

Relationship Management

OCM isn’t just about marketing and communication plans. We are also charged with non-project-based objectives, including building and maintaining relationships on behalf of the university in key areas.

  • Information Centers – Often the first stop for visitors to campus, the information centers offer directions, information, temporary parking permits, lost and found, city bus schedules and campus tours to interested individuals and groups. More information →
  • Sponsorship – Through the university’s sponsorship program, the activities and programs you host can provide potential sources of revenue or non-financial benefits through the creation of private-sector partnerships and sponsorship opportunities. OCM manages these sponsorships in cooperation with the Department of Purchasing, and with oversight by a Sponsorship Advisory Committee, which reviews program activities, processes and outcomes annually.
  • Agency Partnerships We're believers in using the right tool for the job. Therefore, OCM manages relationships with agency partners who can step in to support our efforts and the efforts of units across campus in their marketing and communication needs. Thinking about starting a project?
  • Public Relations – This is the strategic communication process focused on the relationship between UofL and members of the public. UofL accomplishes this through increasing brand awareness, social media management, hosting events and handling communications in times of crisis.
  • Media Relations – A subcategory of public relations in which we benefit from having experienced newsroom professionals on staff. This area of communication is focused solely on members of the media and OCM is the only UofL office authorized to contact the media or make official statements to the media. In addition to handling media queries, the Media Relations team also provides press conferences, news releases and spokespersons.

Assisting unit-specific initiatives

We understand that not every project is big enough to impact the entire university community. If a requested project falls under this category, we may not be able to take on all aspects for you, but we do provide guidance, resources and tools to assist in making your project a success. If applicable, we’ll also utilize university-wide delivery methods to give additional support.

Just tell us about your project by filling out a project request form to start the conversation.