Storm Cloud

My series of distorted figures reveal the true way to be free in your own skin; an openness we are sometimes too scared to embrace on our own, so we cling to any person or object that radiates that freedom. As I untangle my thoughts of the past, present, and future, I paint and draw until an alter ego is born. Each character is almost superhuman, always triumphing their story in the end. The figures speak to the underrepresented, the out-of-place, the timid, and especially to the underdogs of our being. They acknowledge the faults of our reality, embrace them, and then choose to flamboyantly exist anyway.

All works were completed with a variety of colored pencils, dry pastels, marker, oil pigments, and heavy body acrylics.

DERRIANN PHARR is a young, American multimedia artist whose fixation on color began in a church, where she sat in awe of the way light manipulated the colors of the stained-glass windows. Since then, the purpose of her work has been to explore the way those colors complement skin, style, mood, and other intricate details of our lives. Based out of North Alabama, she plans to continue professionally studying her craft while introducing her work to the world in a less traditional way, through social media and virtual galleries.