A Letter From Our Reviews Editor

Dear Readers,

The 14th issue of Miracle Monocle was prepared by a yet another new cohort of editors. Our spring team is usually a smaller group than the fall staff, which means we all spend more time with more submissions and get to know the works from the pool of submissions very intimately. With the shift to a wholly online work environment, the pressure to prepare this latest issue was greater than ever before, but our editors rose to, met, and exceeded this challenge. 

In addition to our regular categories, we’re continuing our tradition of reviewing new books by Miracle Monocle contributors. This time around, we were able to review books of both poetry and fiction, including collections from poets Kristi Maxwell and John Gallaher, and fiction writers Justine Aimee McNulty and Joe Sacksteder. We hope you'll enjoy our reviews—and perhaps even become intrigued enough to order copies of these fresh, new collections for yourself. I can say without a doubt that you will not regret the time spent reading them. 

As always, we’d like to invite our contributors, past and present, with new books or forthcoming books, to send them our way for review in a future issue of Miracle Monocle. Our Reviews section is just one of the many ways in which our ever-changing staff works to maintain the goal of supporting our writers beyond publication in the journal. This editorial cycle has been a wild ride, especially considering the context of the global pandemic, but we’re proud of our efforts. Here’s hoping you enjoy reading our reviews as much as we enjoyed assembling them for you.

Stay happy, healthy, and safe,

Adam Yeich
Assistant Editor, Miracle Monocle