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Military Tuition Rate

The University of Louisville proudly offers a $250 Per Credit Hour to all Active-Duty, National Guard and Reserve Component Service Members who are eligible for Department of Defense Title X tuition assistance funds. This tuition rate is applicable to all undergraduate and most graduate programs.

To have this Tuition Rate applied, students need to send a copy of their orders (greater than 180 days) or a screenshot of their Education Portal showing that they are eligible to receive Federal (Title X) Tuition Assistance to our Fort Knox Staff at no later than the tuition due date during the semester.

All UofL Undergraduate Courses offered in-person at the Fort Knox Education Center are available to all students (Active Duty or Civilian) at the $250 per credit hour rate (this rate extends to all students only for OLL classes offered in-person at Fort Knox, not for OLL classes on Belknap campus or classes online). 


Military Tuition Assistance (TA)

Who do I contact at UofL for questions about TA?

UofL’s Ft. Knox Campus staff processes TA requests and can be reached at or (502) 852-6444. They are UofL's point of contact for service members using TA. They are not Military Education Counselors or University Academic Advisors.

What is the process to use TA at UofL?

Students should register for any classes that they wish to take through ULINK, then request TA for each of those classes through their Branch of Services’ Education Portal. Once a student has an approved TA Form(s), they need to email the approved form(s) to our Fort Knox Staff at for processing and to the Bursar’s Office at for invoicing.

Each Branch of Service has their own policies and regulations governing TA. For more information, please visit our Center for Military Connected Students Tuition Assistance page.


Evaluated Degree Plans (EDP)

Each Branch of Service will require some version of an Evaluated Degree Plan (EDP) in order to use Tuition Assistance. The Evaluated Degree Plan is an official academic document provided by the Academic Institution (AI) that articulates all degree requirements for degree completion, identifies all courses required for graduation, and includes an evaluation of all successfully completed prior coursework.

Students should work with their University Academic Advisor to create an EDP for upload into their Service Education Portal that includes the following information, at minimum:

  • Servicemember’s Name
  • Academic Institution (AI) Name
  • Name of Degree Pursing
  • Classes/credits required for graduation/completion
  • Evaluation of all successfully completed prior coursework (transfer credit)
  • Evaluated military training and experience (JST or CCAF)
  • Date EDP was completed
  • Note: If you manually create this document through Word, Excel, or another application, save it as a PDF before you upload it to your Service Education Portal.

 Please contact us with any additional questions about EDP at 502-852-6444 or miltuition@louisville.edu

Programs and Courses Offered

The University of Louisville College of Education & Human Development has an Organizational Leadership and Learning Program that offers the following degree options online and in-person at Ft. Knox:

Summer 2024 Courses currently offered in-person at the Fort Knox Education Center to all students at the $250 per credit hour rate:

LEAD 411-91 Human Resource Fundamentals - Mondays (5:30-8pm) Term: 07/08/2024-08/09/2024

LEAD 442-91 Supporting Organizational Change - Wednesdays (5:30-8pm) 05/28/2024-07/02/2024

Please reach out to us at  with any questions about programs or courses offered on Fort Knox.  

Testing Services

The University of Louisville Office at the Fort Knox Education Center administers in-person Testing Services for Pearson Vue, CLEP, & DSST in Room 205 on Tuesdays from 8:30AM – 2:00 PM.

University of Louisville students can visit the Office of Admissions website to see which exams are accepted for credit.

Students will register for their Exams through the applicable exam websites, then schedule a time to take the exam at our location by sending an email to us at: miltuition@louisville.edu

Exam Proctoring: With Instructor Approval, UofL students may take Proctored Exams at this location.


Contact UofL Fort Knox Campus

31 Warehouse Street

Fort Knox, KY 40292

Bldg. 65, Room 205

Phone: 502-852-6444

Email: miltuition@louisville.edu


Accessing the UofL Fort Knox Campus

All individuals without a DoD ID Card (e.g. Common Access Card, Military ID) must go to the Fort Knox Visitor Center and either use a kiosk or visit a manned window to obtain up to a 1-year visitor pass. Alternatively, individuals may visit https://visit.gvt.us/?b=usa&i=knox&t=v to obtain a 5-day Fast Pass.

The Fort Knox Visitor's Center is open 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. seven days a week, located 150 yards before the Chaffee (main) Gate and to the left.

For information on Gate Entrances and Requirements, please visit the Fort Knox Access Control Website.

For a 3 minute video on "How to gain installation access to Fort Knox" CLICK HERE

For a 1 minute video on "How to acquire a 5-day Fast Pass for Fort Knox" CLICK HERE

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