Curriculum Development

Business of Medicine Elective for the School of Medicine. Beth Spurlin, In Kim.

Social Justice, Distinction Track in Business and Leadership. Beth Spurlin, In Kim.

Distinction Track in Business and Leadership MedscapeTM Educational Partnership. First medical school in North America to develop customized curricular web sites with Medscape™ for our medical students for the Business of Medicine (BOM) elective. Beth Spurlin, In Kim.

Creation of Bluegrass Biodesign Institute and curriculum. A collaboration with University of Louisville School of Medicine, College of Business and JB Speed School of Engineering. Beth Spurlin, In Kim.

  1. Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship Education Cost and Curricula Analysis Rizenbergs K, Yates N, Byerly L, Spurlin B, Kim I, Graff D
  2. Bluegrass Biodesign Program – ENT Department. Gupta A, Ahmed F, Jacob K, Barrow B, Grau E, Kim I, Spurlin B
  3. Bluegrass Biodesign Program – Neurosurgery Department Gupta A, Ahmed F, Osisami O, Chhachhi S, Klump K, Thompson H, Kim I, Spurlin B
  4. Bluegrass Biodesign Curriculum – Cardiothoracic Department Gupta A, Ahmed F, Flynn C, White J, Smith C, Engelbrecht E, Kim I, Spurlin B
  5. Family Navigator Proposal Robinson M, Anakwenze A, Byerly L, Spurlin B, Kim I
  6. Newborn Nursery Service Line Analysis Robinson M, Ahmed F, Brown J, Osisami O, Wilkinson R, Spurlin B, Kim I
  7. University of Louisville Hospital Newborn Staffing Robinson M, Faizan Ahmed F, Brown J, Osisami O, Wilkinson R, Spurlin B, Kim I.
  8. Analysis of Merging an Academic Newborn Nursery with 3 Non-Academic Newborn Nurseries Robinson M, Faizan Ahmed F, Brown J, Osisami O, Wilkinson R, Spurlin B, Kim I.
  9. Autism Roadmap Project: Updating Resource Roadmap for Post-Diagnosis. Ahmed F, Desai M, Mendoza M, Kim I, Spurlin B
  10. Pediatric Palliative Care Service Line Expansion Yates N, Flynn C, Desai M, Wilkinson R, Olorunsola F, Kim I, Spurlin B
  11. Social Work in Pediatric Primary Care. Gupta A, Das V, Delong C, Pendleton A, Kim I
  12. Financial Model for a Virtual Children’s Hospital Yates N, Gupta A, Ahmed F, Das V, Woomer B, Rodgers G, Kim I, Spurlin B
  13. Pediatric Psychometrist Financial Model Beyerle T, Flynn C, Byerly L, Deshmukh A, Desai M, Spurlin B, Kim I

  1. Development of a Scribe Curriculum for University of Louisville Health Sciences Center. English M, Kim IK.
  2. Get Real Health. Feasibility pilot project of new care management product, Ellie, at UofL Family Medicine clinics. Determine whether it increases revenue through capturing more CCM time for CPT billing codes. Ewing A, Bowers J, Pendleton E, Sutton B.
  3. Incorporating Business and Leadership Training into Medical School Education to Prepare Tomorrow’s Doctors for the Continually Evolving Healthcare Enterprise. Kwan K, Ritchie K, Kim I, Sutton B.
  4. Cholecystectomy Cost Review Study. Dickens J, Bruenderman E, Martin R
  5. Patient Preferences/Outcomes Using EMR Aggregation and Medication Savings Applications. Dickens J, Sutton B, Magnes R
  6. MedFusion Collaboration Project. Sutton B, Magnes R
  7. Implementing Mock EMR for Medical School Standardized Patient Labs. Kodner C, Stephens J, Rooks K
  8. UofL EHR Add-On Implementation. Dickens J
  9. HIMSS 2019 Global Conference Student Case Competition ( Haustein D, Nair R
  10. Cost-effectiveness Analysis of Total Knee Replacement, Hospital and In-patient Clinic Setting. Gottesman S, LaJoie S, Olson J
  11. Identifying Successful Marketing Strategies for Attracting Patients to a Practice in Urban vs. Rural Areas. Nair R
  12. Left Atrial Medical Device Development Project. Lehnig A, Slaughter M.
  13. Cost-effective Analysis of the Utilization of Telemedicine for Stroke Care in Rural Kentucky. Von Axelson A, Gisler P, Kim I, Remmel K, Sutton B

  1. Strategy to Increase Patient Throughput in a Large Urban Academic General Pediatrics Teaching Practice. Spiller N, Hancock M, Sutton B, Kim IK, Liu G.
  2. Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Establishing a Statewide Telemedicine Network. Schweinhart S, Sutton B, Kim IK, Bulloch S.
  3. #Blockchain – A Healthcare Information Revolution. Singam N, Edwards S, Sutton B.
  4. A Cost Analysis of Biliary Strictures following Orthotropic Liver Transplantation in the United States. Jones J, N Bhutiani, D Wei, L Goldstein, CM Jones, RM Cannon.
  5. Pediatric Hospitalist/Emergency Medicine referring provider survey/quality project. Lynes C, Stevenson M, Tan E, Grill J.

  1. Predictors of Utilization, Mortality, And Procedural Complications of Catheter Ablation For Ventricular Tachycardia In Ischemic And Non-ischemic Patients. Nosova K, Sutton B.
  2. Ten-year Trends In Catheter Ablation Of Ischemic And Non-ischemic Ventricular Tachycardia. Nosova K, Sutton B.
  3. Costs And Clinical Factors Associated With 30- And 60-day Hospital Readmission After Ventricular Tachycardia Ablation. Nosova K, Sutton B.
  4. Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Point of Care Ultrasound to Reduce Ionizing Radiation Exposure from CT Scans in Pediatric Trauma Patients. Parsons M, Flynn K, Fallat M.

  1. Deploying Mobile Check-in to Optimize Outpatient Clinic Workflow. Tariq S, Sutton B.
  2. Effectiveness of Bariatric Surgery Referrals to Centers of Excellence. Lee A, Johnson B, Happe L, Sutton B.
  3. Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Point of Care Ultrasound Implementation in the Pediatric ICU. Thai A, Cross Warkentine F, McLario D, Kessler D, Abo A, Cohen J, Wiedemann N, Foster B, Sutton B, Southard G, Kim IK.
  4. Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Implementation a Satellite office for Learning Disability Evaluations. Spaulding T, Thai A, Tomchek S, Sutton B, Kim IK.

  1. Cost-Utility Analysis of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Versus Transarterial Chemoembolization for Hepatocellular Carcinoma: An Economic Evaluation of the Current Standard of Care. Linare C, Steiner A, Nosova K, Davis E, Dunlap N, Kim IK, Sutton B.
  2. Cost Analysis of Contralateral Mastectomy for Unilateral Breast Cancer. Keskey B, Scoggins C, Sutton B, Brock G, Kim IK
  3. Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Point of Care Ultrasound Implementation in the Pediatric ED. Thai A, Sivitz A, Abo A, Cohen J, Kessler D, Kim C, Sutton B, McLario D, Warkentine F, Cross K, Foster B, Kim IK.
  4. Consulting for Sage Growth Partners. Defining patient portals, researching population health vendors, competitive analysis, and research patient engagement. Williams K, DeMarco C, Sutton B.

  1. Consulting for Sage Growth Partners. Bringing medical devices to market. Evaluating and advising on prospective markets and FDA approval process for cardiovascular devices. Ising M, Sutton B.
  2. Cost Effectiveness Analysis of Robotic Surgery for Gynecologic Surgeries. Kmetz D, Sutton B, Kim C, Makhija S, Metzinger D, Kim IK.
  3. Comparison of Relative Value Units (RVUs) to Gross Charges as a Metric of Faculty Clinical Productivity. Quayyum M, Sutton B, Kim C, Makhija S, Hardy J, Metzinger D, Kim IK.
  4. Screening for Colon Cancer Project. Borkhetaria N, Sutton E, Jones W, Sutton B.
  5. Integration of Business of Medicine into a Medical School Curriculum. Herdt D, Sutton B.