Mission and Vision

Professional Services, Demonstrated Outcomes, Thought Leadership

Mission Statement

We identify, evaluate, and implement innovative solutions to shared problems of rising health costs, inadequate patient safety and health system inefficiencies. In collaboration with strategic partners, we want to ensure that patients receive safe, high quality care at the lowest possible cost.

Our Value Story

We at CHPI believe the healthcare climate is primed for its own industrial revolution. No single stakeholder is capable of delivering the entire continuum of patient care. Similarly, there is now a shared sense of responsibility for patient outcomes between payers and providers, inpatient and post-acute care facilities, industry and service lines. Such an environment lends itself to strategic partnerships not previously thought possible.

The CHPI, as a construct of the AMC, will play an active role in identifying and studying innovated approaches to change the way we deliver care across the continuum. Indeed, careful study of health reform initiatives is warranted to ensure limited resources are optimally allocated towards initiatives with maximal return on investment. We will be a center for professional development helping to train the next generation of physician executives to be good stewards of our collective resources. Finally, we believe creative use of novel technologies in ways that maximize value similarly deserves rigorous and quantitative investigation.