Operations and Efficiency

Significant High Impacts with Continuous Improvement

We drive your team to the opportunities that increase productivity, reduce costs, improve cash flow, gain floor space, manage quality, provide safe workplaces or other activities that generate profitable growth. Our team has “been there, done that” successfully in key roles from c-suite, operational management, engineering and continuous improvement. We quickly and accurately diagnose operational challenges, map out your future state and manage the change with a prioritized action plan. Let us start with your strategy, define it for everyone’s understanding, engage your team to achieve best practices and full growth potential.

LEAN Manufacturing:

Our certified Lean experts integrate proven principles, tools, and techniques into your Value Stream. We engage your team through "learning by doing" simulations to identify and eliminate waste in their work area.

Quality Certifications:

We provide companies the tools they need to understand, qualify for, and obtain accreditation of ISO, IATF, VDA, and AS9100 certifications of their quality management systems for their specific industry categories.

Six Sigma:

KY-MEP Six Sigma Services use the Six Sigma methodology, which attacks sources of process variation that impact profits as well as customer satisfaction.


We provide a complete Safety program that can start with an assessment and evaluate your entire facility as it relates to OSHA standards.