Market Research

Delivering market intelligence and insights on key concepts and technology trends to give your business the competitive edge.

Our market research services enable you to gain a better understanding of your market and target audience, so you make better, more informed decisions to stay on top of the competition.

KY-MEP will help you gain insights on how your customers perceive your company so that you can make informed business decisions that meet the needs and wants of the very customers you are serving.

Supply chain management drives success. We have compiled a database of Kentucky manufacturing facilities and their capabilities for you to source.

Are you too busy to take time out of your schedule and/or have difficulties finding the missing pieces for your specific project? Our Technology Scouting research service allows you to continue running your business while our research team does the leg work to provide answers you are looking for. We give you validated results with contact information for suppliers, patent holders, experts, and resources that have been vetted and are awaiting your call.

In order to know market wages for your employees and make an intelligent decision on compensation adjustments, the KY-MEP can assist with a wage survey. This survey is targeted toward each occupation in your company, and can be broad across a region, or drilled down to a local level. The results could create dramatic savings for your company!