Orange And White Manufacturing Kentucky


As Industry Leaders Leading Industry, KY-MEP leverages more than a century of real-world manufacturing experience to come alongside manufacturing leaders to see transformational change.

While research, new technologies, and automation are strong tools in our toolbox, our experts have lived and breathed the challenges of safety, quality, and thruput as the means to EBITDA; we understand ROI and OEE. As such we are not only successful strategist but tactical at our core and scientific in our approach to solving problems.

While every plant is different in product, technology, and processes, the fundamental tools to eliminate waste apply across the board, as does the psychology of work in the art of leading people to manage processes.

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"The culture and leadership program provided by KY-MEP is by far the BEST program/training that I have ever had the pleasure of participating in. As an 18 year employee at OVC and Plant Manager and over 25 years in manufacturing, I have participated in many leadership development programs. KY-MEP is second to none."

Timothy Kidd, Plant Manager at OVC Academy