COVID-19 Guidelines for Student Events and Meetings

NOTE: These guidelines are a draft and subject to change

If an organization desires to hold an in-person event, that event MUST be able to meet all requirements currently in effect to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Beginning in summer 2020, information will be provided to student organizations and others regarding guidelines for holding in-person events and meetings for the coming academic year, including a detailed checklist.

An online training module will focus on, but not be limited to, the following (information subject to change as more guidance from the institution is available):

  • What is the primary reason that this event or meeting must be held in person?
  • What are the restrictions for the space that you wish to use, including but not limited to, reduced capacity?
  • How will you practice physical distancing?
  • Do you have supplies needed to meet university requirements for in-person gatherings?
  • Are you requiring face coverings? What is the process if someone refuses or is unable to wear a face covering?
  • Are you able to utilize EngageUofL to collect attendee information so attendees can be traced if someone is ill?
  • What options are available to those who want/need to participate virtually?
  • What signage will be used and in what location?
  • How will food service be handled? Will attendees be permitted to bring their own food?
  • In the event you cannot have the in-person event/meeting due to changes in the university’s guidelines, are you still able to move forward with it in a virtual format?
  • How will you prepare attendees for meeting health and safety requirements?
  • During the event/meeting, are you sharing any items that won’t be able to be sanitized?

Consequences to student organizations who do not or are unable to abide by outlined protocol:

  • Shut down of event
  • Restriction of privileges to reserve space on campus for future events for some period of time
  • Restriction on receiving CPC funds for future events for some period of time

Those students who participate in organized co-curricular activities (e.g., Cardinal Marching Band, ROTC, Cardinal Athletics) will be notified about when they will be permitted to return to campus. Details will be provided by their respective leadership.

Student Events and Meetings during COVID-19 Academic Year 2010-21 Form

Training link: Healthy Events in the Age of COVID-19

If you have questions about this process and/or your event, email us at