Engage Lead Serve Board

ELSB board members posing outside near a fence with the Mayor

The Engage Lead Serve Board is an arm of the Student Government Association responsible for planning and promoting community engagement opportunities for students. We strive to enhance the education of students by providing structured experiential and developmental opportunities that encourage community engagement, model good leadership, and allow active service.

Our programs are: Our Committees are:
  • Alternative Spring Break
  • Freshmen LEAD
  • Task Force Freshmen
  • Training & Leadership
  • Vote Everywhere
  • Animal Welfare
  • Community Peace
  • Equality & Justice
  • Green Initiatives
  • Human Prosperity
  • Mental and Physical Health

Cardinal Cupboard

The Cardinal Cupboard's goal is to reduce food waste on campus by allowing students, faculty, and staff to donate unwanted food items and offer it to those in need.

Located on the Swain Student Activities Center W314 (Third Floor).