Student Spotlight December 2015

    Ashley Shelton

    Ashley Shelton



    Ashley earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.  She then attended London Metropolitan University where she earned a Master of Arts in English.  Ashley is now at the University of Louisville working towards a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction.








    1. Specific areas of research (how you chose this research, why it interested you):

    I am currently studying the dialectical relationship between classroom discourse and classroom environments as they shape student and teacher identities with respect to literacy learning.  This research interests me because I am fascinated by the ways in which texts (language, artifacts, etc.) circulate within a classroom and mediate identities in the process.

    2. How do you think this advanced degree will change your role in society?

    This degree will afford me the opportunity of educating pre-service teachers as they prepare to enter into classrooms as well as continue to do research to support, advocate for, and hopefully transform future K-12 education practices.

    3. What accomplishment, academic or otherwise, are you most proud of?

    Being able to live abroad for a year really changed my life in many ways. I was able to have so many new experiences, travel to many different locations, and meet and befriend people from around the world. It’s a once in a lifetime experience that I would recommend to anyone!

    4. Awards, honors, publications:

    Graduate Assistant, Research and Teaching, Middle and Secondary Education
    Graduate Student Council Representative, Teaching and Learning
    Graduate Representative, Paul Weber Award for Department Excellence in Teaching
    Research & Faculty Development Professional Development Grant Award, College of Education and Human Development
    Chisholm, J. S. & Shelton, A. L. (in press).  “Using backchanneling technology to transform adolescent’ participation during discussions of If I grow up.”

    5. Long term goals/ aspirations:

    In my career, I hope to one day become an education faculty member at a university. In life, I hope to travel to many more countries!

    6. What has been your favorite part of the graduate school experience at UofL?

    The opportunities I have had to collaborate with faculty in my department are priceless. I have gained invaluable experiences that will launch me into my career in academia.  In addition, meeting other Ph.D. students in my field has provided me with a network of individuals that I can work with, commiserate with, and celebrate with as we travel on this journey together!

    Fun Facts
    A talent you have always wanted: Time travel!
    Favorite book: I love anything by Gabriel Garcia Marquez or Flannery O’Connor. I recently read All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr, and I highly recommend it! 
    Favorite quote: “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” C.S. Lewis
    Role Model: My parents are my role models. They are hardworking, successful, and loving individuals who have never ceased to support me in my endeavors, both educational and otherwise.
    Favorite Vacation Destination: Aruba
    If you weren’t in graduate school, what would you be doing now? I would most likely still be a full time high school English teacher!