The Grant Writing Academy

    About the Grant Writing Academy

    The Grant Writing Academy, established at UofL during the 2013-2014 academic year, is a semester-long series of sessions designed to teach knowledge and skills in grant writing. Each cohort of students participates in interactive workshops led by experts in the College of Arts and Sciences Office of Research. Content includes developing ideas and finding funding, developing a budget and thinking about compliance, writing the proposal and budget narratives, peer review, and post-award grant management. As a part of the Grant Writing Academy, graduate students will develop a grant designed to apply for funding for their research to help them continue their studies. The Grant Writing Academy is a collaborative program between the Graduate School and College of Arts and Sciences Office of Research. To accommodate as many students as possible, we rotate the day of the week on which the Grant Writing Academy is held each year.

    Why Should You Participate in the Grant Writing Academy?

    • Gain valuable knowledge and skills related to grant writing.
    • Gain practical strategies, tools, resources to help you immediately.
    • Interact with graduate students from across the university to network and gain a broad perspective of grant writing in higher education.
    • Cohort members who attend ALL sessions will receive a certificate acknowledging their participation.
    • Cohort members who attend ALL sessions will be eligible for drawing for a one-semester dissertation fellowship award.
    • Bolster your CV or resume to prepare for your job search.

    Grant Writing Academy Schedule

    The Grant Writing Academy is currently on hiatus. If you are interested in participating in the Grant Writing Academy, please contact

    Previous Grant Writing Academy Schedule

    Application Process

    Next Academy Dates


    Applying for the Grant Writing Academy

    All graduate students are encouraged to apply. In addition to completing the application form, students are required to have a faculty mentor, graduate program director or chair send an e-mail to the Dean of the Graduate School, Dr. Beth Boehm, indicating approval of the student’s participation in the academy.

    Participation in the Grant Writing Academy will be limited and competitive. Graduate students who are accepted into the academy, attend at least six of seven sessions, and complete an academy grant application, will be entered into a drawing for a dissertation completion fellowship, as well as have a milestone line for their transcript.

    If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Dr. Michelle Rodems or 502-852-3110.

    Here's what former GW Academy members have to say about their experiences:

    "The Grant Writing Academy was a tremendous benefit to me.  The information I received helped me to develop the skills I needed for the structure of a grant proposal. As a result, I was able to submit an application for a grant for my dissertation."

    "As a Grant Writing Academy participant, I have benefited immensely in terms of knowing the different parts/sections of a grant and how to write grants that are highly probable of being funded."

    "Participating in the Grant Writing Academy has been very beneficial to my career by enhancing my understanding of the grant writing process, and through the kind comments provided directly by university experts in this process."

    "Participating in the Grant Writing Academy has equipped me with knowledge and skills such as the form or structure of a grant proposal, developing research ideas which attract funding more easily, drawing up a marketable budget for a grant proposal, and prudent financial management skills upon receiving a grant award."

    Can’t Participate?

    We know that sometimes your schedule or other obligations prevent you from participating in the GW Academy. That doesn’t mean you can’t gain knowledge, skills, and experience with grant writing. Other opportunities include:

    • Attend PLAN workshops related to grant writing
    • Review our resources related to grant writing