University Fellowship Nomination Form

Nomination packet must include the following

1.  A letter of nomination that addresses the following:

  • Evidence of Academic Success:  A concise summary of the candidate's academic qualifications, including any awards or honors achieved
  • Other Indicators for Success in the Program and Graduate School:  And a clear exposition of all documented strengths that speak to the potential for success in the graduate program; examples of which are: prior research experience; exceptional community engagement or service; leadership experience; evidence of creativity and/or resilience; unique experience or background that will contribute to the program.
  • Program Support:  A clear explanation of what criteria are used to predict success in the program, and a description of the activities, programs, and/or structures within the program and/or university used to support student success and retention.  Examples of student support include, but are not limited to, professional development, experiential learning, community‐building, and mentoring.

2.         Undergraduate and, if appropriate, graduate transcripts (scan and send as a PDF).

3.         Student’s curriculum vitae or resume, where appropriate

4.         Letters of recommendation from persons familiar with the candidate's academic ability (two maximum).

5.         TOEFL, IELTS or IESL scores, where appropriate.

6.         A letter of support from the department Chair or the Unit Dean, indicating commitment of subsequent year(s) of financial support.

Nomination Information (PDF)

Nominee Information
Institution Information
Nominator Information