MAGS Research Awards Overview

MAGS Research Awards


The Multicultural Association of Graduate Students (MAGS) research awards are designed to encourage and highlight diverse research that engages global and social justice issues. MAGS will award up to $500 to help graduate students enrolled in academic units under the Graduate School of ( to help offset the costs of presenting at a conference, research travel, and certain research supplies.


Requirements and Instructions for Applicants


  1. All applicants must be current degree-seeking students in a program housed under the Graduate School. Students must not be in the final semester of their program. Students will be required to present their funded research at an approved campus event within two semesters of their award.
  2. Fall applications will fund expenses incurred from July 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020; Spring applications will fund expenses incurred from January 1, 2021-June 30, 2021. Awards cannot be used to reimburse pre-planned purchases (prior to approval of funds/application). Reimbursements (receipts and documentation) must be submitted within 30 days of completed travel or purchase.
  3. Funds may not be used for classroom expenses, personal copies, monetary incentives or membership fees. Approved research expenses include: discipline-specific research equipment, hardware costs, photocopying of questionnaires, transcription services, research poster printing.
  4.  Funds may be used to reimburse the following expenses:
  • Conference Travel and Fees (specify name of conference, location and dates)
  • Research Travel (include destination and dates in application)
  • Computer Software or Licenses
  • Purchase of Data Sets
  • Approved Research Expenses
Completed applications should include:
  • Cover letter/narrative demonstrating interest and need (1-2 pages);
  • An itemized budget detailing expected expenses for your project, quantities, cost, and where budget items will be purchased (1 page).
  • A recent CV or resume confirming your expected graduation date.
  • One Letter of recommendation from a faculty member supporting your application, confirming your need for the award, and confirming the fit of your research to the MAGS Research Awards. Recommendation letters should be emailed to: BEFORE the application deadline.
  • You may also attach any other supporting documents, including but not limited to conference abstracts, travel itineraries, flight/hotel quotes, and software descriptions. MAGS reserves the right to vet all applications to verify need and authenticity
  • The application must include the above components, in order, in ONE single PDF file:

   5. Applications must be submitted via

  • Applications for fall are now closed (deadline was  October 23, 2020)
  • Applications for Spring 2021 are due by February 12, 2021.  Applicants will be notified of their award status by February 19, 2021.

 Applications will be reviewed by the MAGS Research Awards committee and scored according to the rubric below. Preference will be given to those who have not received an award in the past. The committee reserves the right to deny awards to applicants with ineligible or unsuitable expenses not specified above.

Application Scoring Rubric:

  • Project Rationale and Purpose (3)
  • Project Description (3)
  • Likelihood of completion (Feasibility) (3)
  • Fit of project to MAGS Vision/Purpose of Award (3)
  • Itemized Budget (3)
  • MAGS Affiliation (3)
    • Executive Board Member (3)
    • General MAGS paid Member (2)
    • Non-member (1)
  • Recommendation Letter (3)

Total: 21 points