Graduate Dean's Diversity Supplement Form

The Graduate School is seeking nominations for the Graduate Dean’s Diversity Supplement Program sponsored by the Graduate School.  Current full-time doctoral students in good academic standing are invited to apply and submit a proposal for the award.  Faculty and directors of graduate studies can also nominate a student.  In addition to the criteria above, the student must be currently supported with department/program funding i.e., those supported in full by scholarships (stipend, health insurance, tuition) from GTA lines, grants, departmental endowments, or other program funding.

Initial application deadline: Friday March 31, 2023

Full consideration will be extended to those who complete the online application and provide a full proposal including:

  • Full student name
  • Student university email address
  • Project title
  • Brief abstract of your request (one paragraph is sufficient) indicating how the student currently adds to the diversity of the department/program or how the student plans to use the funds to add to the diversity of the department/program
  • A proposed budget indicating how all funds will be spent including a timeline of the research project, conference attendance, etc.
  • Sponsoring faculty member name
  • Sponsoring faculty member email
  • Letter of support from sponsoring faculty member, PI, chair or mentor

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