Graduate Student Research Fund

    The Graduate Student Council has secured a small fund to assist graduate student research. This fund is intended to assist students who face expenses related to research not otherwise covered by grants or other forms of support, such as travel to archives, equipment costs, acquiring data sets, etc.

    If you are wondering if your request falls under the parameters of this grant ask yourself, "Will this money promote graduate research or learning?" For example, if you need tools to hang your art in a self-curated show, the tools fall under this grant's purpose because they will help you successfully (hopefully) present your artwork and learn what worked, what didn't, etc. Traveling to a theater festival to perform also promotes graduate learning. Experiential learning is learning! Please note that any materials and/or equipment purchased with these funds will become property of your department/program after you are done using them. For example, say you needed to buy a dozen neon purple wigs for a queer performance project, the wigs stay at U of L!

    Students may request up to $300. 

    Those who are awarded a GSC Research grant will also be featured at the Graduate Research Symposium and will be asked to present either a poster or a short (10-12 minute) presentation.

    At the conclusion of the research project (or at the end of the academic year, if the project is ongoing), the recipient of the Grant agrees to submit a brief but detailed report to the Research Fund committee on the research undertaken with the assistance of the grant and to recognize the Graduate Student Council's support in any publication that results from this research. Students who do not submit their research report will not be eligible for future GSC Research Funding.

    Application process:

    Please complete the Research Fund Request Form where you will attach the following supporting materials: a CV, a project description with a proposed budget (no more than 1-2 pages), and a brief letter from the student's Department Chair, Director of Graduate Studies, or Dissertation/Thesis director in support of the student and attesting to the appropriateness of the proposed budget and project. The letter of support will be collected by the student and submitted along with the other application materials; a screen capture of an email is acceptable.

    Application Period for Spring 2017: January 15, 2017 - February 19, 2017.

    Students selected to receive Research Funding for this round of applications will be notified March 1st, 2017.


    • The grant is up to $300 and will be transferred to the student's department.
    • No reimbursements will be considered.
    • No single student can receive GSC Research Funding more than once per academic year, and priority in subsequent years will be given to first-time applicants. If you have already received a Research Fund award, you must complete this formto be considered again.
    • The student is responsible for assuring compliance with regulations regarding human and animal research and all other university research guidelines.
    • The GSC Research grant is not intended for conference travel. For more information see GSC Travel Funding.
    • Grant monies awarded will be transferred to the student's respective department to be disbursed according to University Policy.
    • Again, equipment and tangible items purchased will become property of the student's department upon their graduation or termination.
    • Recipients of the Research Grant will be asked to sign a statement acknowledging these Disclaimers.

    Send inquiries to: