Honorary Degrees Awarded

    12/15/2016 David  Williams Doctor of Humane Letter
    3/30/2015 Ulyssis Junior Bridgeman Doctor of Public Service
    3/30/2015 Doris Bridgeman Doctor of Public Service
    2/11/2015 John Codey Doctor of Public Service
    4/17/2014 Sam Swope
    10/22/2013 Harold  Unkelbach Doctor of Public Service
    10/22/2013 Joesph Prather Doctor of Public Service
    5/1/2013 Henry Heuser, Jr. Doctor of Public Service (Honoris Causa)
    5/1/2013 Howard Fineman Doctor of Humanities (Honoris Causa)
    11/19/2012 Heddy Kurz Doctor or Humane Letter
    5/12/2012 Bernard  Trager
    5/12/2012 Jean Trager
    11/10/2011 Karel Husa Doctor of Fine Arts
    3/3/2010 APJ Abdul Kalam Doctor of Letters
    3/3/2010 Robert Doherty Doctor of Fine Arts
    12/13/2009 Paul Patton
    12/13/2009 Henry "Hank" Wagner
    12/13/2007 Sheikh  Awad Mohammed
    4/13/2006 Arthur Dugoni Doctor of Humane Letter
    4/13/2006 William Yasnoff Doctor of Humane Letter
    4/13/2006 Ray Harm Doctor of Arts
    2/22/2005 Diane Sawyer Doctor of Journalism
    2/22/2005 Martha Haake Doctor of Public Service
    2/22/2005 Mike Nichols Doctor of Humane Letter
    4/28/2004 Ed Hamilton Arts
    4/1/2004 Condoleezza  Rice Doctor of Public Service
    5/10/2003 Richard Carmona Doctor of Public Service
    5/10/2003 Lolita  Weakley Doctor of Public Service
    5/10/2003 Samuel Weakley Doctor of Public Service
    12/1/2002 Colin Powell Doctor of Public Service
    8/18/2002 Richard Green Doctor of Public Service
    5/12/2001 Robert L. Nardelli Doctor of Business Administration
    5/12/2001 Mary D. Rowntree Doctor of Education
    12/17/2000 Malcolm Chancey, Jr. Doctor of Public Services
    11/10/2000 James L. O'Sullivan Doctor of Humane Letter
    9/28/2000 John Robert Wooden Public Service
    5/14/2000 Lonnie Ali Doctor of Public Service
    5/14/2000 Muhammad Ali Doctor of Public Service
    5/14/2000 Donna  Shalala Doctor of Public Service
    11/1/1999 Owsley Brown Frazier Doctor of Public Service
    5/8/1999 Maria L. Bouvette Doctor of Business Administration
    5/8/1999 Abigail Castro de Perez Doctor of Humane Letter
    5/8/1999 Marc Maurer Doctor of Laws
    5/8/1999 Francis Mouyen Doctor of Science
    3/26/1999 William R. Green Doctor of Science
    9/16/1998 Yancey Lee Watkins Doctor of Public Service
    5/9/1998 Jerry Lewis Doctor of Public Service
    5/9/1998 Marvin Smith Doctor of Arts
    10/9/1997 Walter  Creese Doctor of Humane Letter
    9/17/1997 Frank Harary Doctor of Science
    9/17/1997 Lotfi Zadeh Doctor of Science
    5/10/1997 James C. Bowling Doctor of Business Administration
    5/10/1997 John R. Hall Doctor of Public Service
    4/3/1997 Marian Wright Edelman Doctor of Public Service
    2/20/1997 Creighton E. Gilbert Doctor of Humane Letter
    5/12/1996 Bernard A. Dahlem Doctor of Science
    5/12/1996 Frank Walbank Doctor of Humane Letter
    5/12/1996 Elaine Chao Doctor of Humane Letter
    5/12/1996 Sharon Porter Robinson Doctor of Humane Letter
    5/13/1995 Marion McKenna Doctor of Science
    5/13/1995 Enid A. Neidle Doctor of Science
    5/13/1995 Robert Rounsavall, Jr. Doctor of Public Service
    5/13/1995 Donald C. Swain Doctor of Humane Letter
    5/15/1994 Houston Baker Doctor of Humane Letter
    5/15/1994 Claire Caudill Doctor of Public Service
    5/15/1994 Barbara Jordan Doctor of Laws
    5/15/1994 Lawrence Leighton Smith Doctor of Music
    5/15/1993 David Weeks Doctor of Humanities
    5/17/1992 Niara Sdkarkasa Doctor of Social Science
    5/17/1992 Luther Williams Doctor of Science
    5/19/1991 Lawrence Dahl Doctor of Science
    5/19/1991 Louis Sullivan Doctor of Science
    5/19/1991 Chang-Lin Tien Doctor of Science
    5/19/1990 L. Stanley Chauvin Doctor of Laws
    5/19/1990 Haruko Kataoka Doctor of Music
    5/19/1990 Michael Steinhausen Doctor of Science
    5/1/1989 Finis Davis Doctor of Science
    5/1/1989 Georgia  Powers Doctor of Humane Letter
    5/1/1989 Samuel  Proctor Doctor of Humanities
    5/14/1988 Stuart Flexner Doctor of Letters
    5/14/1988 W. Scott Miller Doctor of Public Service or Laws
    5/17/1987 Lyman T. Johnson Doctor of Public Service
    5/17/1986 David Jones Doctor of Humane Letter
    5/17/1986 Thomas Johnson Doctor of Laws
    5/11/1985 Marsha Norman Doctor of Letters
    5/11/1985 Dorothy S. Ridings Doctor of Public Service
    3/18/1985 Dorothy Ridings Doctor of Public Service
    3/18/1985 Marsha Norman Doctors of Letters
    3/18/1985 Robert Edwards Doctor of Public Service 
    5/13/1984 Christopher J. Dodd Doctor of Laws
    5/13/1984 Carl Ronald Kahn Doctor of Science
    5/15/1983 Norris Houghton Doctor of Humanities
    5/15/1983 Joe M. Kirkham Doctor of Laws
    5/15/1983 Edward Fretwell Prichard, Jr. Doctor of Public Service
    5/15/1983 Maurice F. Rabb Doctor of Science
    5/9/1982 James B. Edwards Doctor of Social Sciences
    5/9/1982 Paul Henry Lang Doctor of Humane Letter
    5/9/1982 Gradie R. Rowntree Doctor of Humanities
    5/10/1981 Moritz Bomhard Doctor of Music
    5/10/1981 Samuel H. Klein Doctor of Social Sciences
    5/10/1981 Jacqueline Ann Swigart Doctor of Public Service
    11/12/1980 Joshua B. Everett Doctor of Humane Letter
    9/20/1980 Alexander Schneider Doctor of Music
    5/23/1980 Charles B. Huggins Doctor of Science
    5/11/1980 Carl Gwin Baker Doctor of Science
    5/11/1980 Earle Chester Clements Doctor of Laws
    5/11/1980 Hoyt D. Gardner Doctor of Science
    5/11/1980 Sam Gilliam Doctor of Humane Letter
    5/11/1980 John C. Greene Doctor of Science
    5/11/1980 Wassily  Leonif Doctor of Social Sciences
    5/11/1980 Ralph W. Tyler Doctor of Social Sciences
    11/20/1979 Roger Manvell Doctor of Letters
    5/13/1979 Richard C. Atkinson Doctor of Science
    5/13/1979 Morris Alfred Barr Doctor of Humanities
    5/13/1979 Kenneth E. Boulding Doctor of Science
    5/13/1979 Mary Helen Byck Doctor of Humane Letter
    5/13/1979 T. V.  Cranmer Doctor of Engineering Science
    5/13/1979 William Horsley Gantt Doctor of Science
    5/13/1979 Victor Jory Doctor of Humane Letter
    5/13/1979 Frank Louis Neuhauser Doctor of Laws
    11/21/1978 Virginia Johnson Masters Doctor of Science
    5/14/1978 Russel Elliot Dougherty Doctor of Laws
    5/14/1978 Blyden Jackson Doctor of Letters
    5/14/1978 Henry Prather Laughlin Doctor of Social Sciences
    5/14/1978 Arthur Meier Schlesinger, Jr. Doctor of Letters
    5/14/1978 Woodford B. Troutman Doctor of Science
    5/14/1978 Alvin Martin Weinberg Doctor of Science
    5/15/1977 Warren Bennis Doctor of Social Sciences
    5/15/1977 Bertram Wilbur Doyle Doctor of Humane Letter
    5/15/1977 Burrhus Frederic Skinner Doctor of Social Sciences
    4/22/1977 Pamela Hansford Johnson (Lady Snow) Doctor of Humane Letter
    4/14/1977 Ernest Christopher Hassold Doctor of Humane Letter
    5/9/1976 Philip Lemont Barbour Doctor of Letters
    5/9/1976 James Kern Feibleman Doctor of Humane Letter
    5/9/1976 Arthur S. Kling Doctor of Laws
    5/9/1976 Patrick Vincent Murphy Doctor of Laws
    4/4/1976 Charles Percy Snow Doctor of Humane Letter
    5/11/1975 Carl McClellan Hill Doctor of Science
    5/11/1975 Albert Bruce Sabin Doctor of Humanities
    5/11/1975 William J. Usery, Jr. Doctor of Social Sciences
    4/19/1975 Chester Edward Brown Doctor of Science
    4/19/1975 John Tolman Burns Doctor of Science
    4/19/1975 Robert Craig Ernst Doctor of Science
    2/13/1975 Charles Leon Bibb Doctor of Humane Letter
    5/12/1974 Philip Grant Davidson Doctor of Humanities
    5/12/1974 John Davis Fetterman Doctor of Letters
    5/12/1974 Patrick Emmet Gorman Doctor of Social Sciences
    5/12/1974 Mason Coddon Rudd Doctor of Laws
    5/12/1974 Woodrow Mann Strickler Doctor of Social Sciences
    5/12/1974 Leslie Stephen Wright Doctor of Pedagogy
    5/13/1973 John Sherman Cooper Doctor of Social Sciences
    5/13/1973 Glen Robert Driscoll Doctor of Laws
    5/13/1973 Henry Charles Grawemeyer Doctor of Science
    5/13/1973 Jon Jory Doctor of Letters
    5/13/1973 Jesse Hilton Stuart Doctor of Humane Letter
    5/14/1972 Justus Bier Doctor of Humane Letter
    5/14/1972 Roland Hayes Doctor of Humanities
    5/14/1972 Craig Potter Hazelet Doctor of Science
    5/14/1972 Nicholas Hobbs Doctor of Science
    5/14/1972 Carl Adam Laughlin Doctor of Laws
    5/14/1972 Carl Dewey Perkins Doctor of Humane Letter
    5/16/1971 J. Murray Kinsman Doctor of Laws
    5/16/1971 Louise Marshall Doctor of Humane Letter
    5/16/1971 John Jacob Niles Doctor of Humanities
    2/22/1971 Hortense Flexner King Doctor of Literature
    5/17/1970 Philip Earle Blackerby, Jr. Doctor of Humanities
    5/17/1970 Louis Gottschalk Doctor of Laws
    5/17/1970 Henry Vogt Heuser Doctor of Science
    5/17/1970 Benjamin Lawrence Reid Doctor of Humane Letter
    5/17/1970 Whitney Moore Young, Jr. Doctor of Humanities
    6/8/1969 David Borowitz Doctor of Humane Letter
    6/8/1969 Wilbur Joseph Cohen Doctor of Social Sciences
    6/8/1969 Francois Laurent Jean Delmas Doctor of Laws
    6/8/1969 Edmund Asbury Gullion Doctor of Laws
    6/8/1969 William Schwann Doctor of Music
    11/18/1968 Gunnar Karl Myrdal Doctor of Social Sciences
    6/9/1968 Abdelhafeez Abdalla El-Rufaie Doctor of Social Sciences
    6/9/1968 Hugh Haynie Doctor of Humane Letter
    6/9/1968 Williams Grosvenor Pollard Doctor of Laws
    3/11/1968 John Inkster Goodlad Doctor of Humane Letter
    6/11/1967 Alexandre Aimes Doctor of Humane Letter
    6/11/1967 Eli Houston Brown, III Doctor of Laws
    6/11/1967 Virginia Perrin Speed Doctor of Humane Letter
    6/11/1967 Shinieh Suzuki Doctor of Music
    10/19/1966 Jacob Kippel Javits Doctor of Laws
    6/29/1966 John Wieland Oswald Doctor of Laws
    6/5/1966 Jules C. Stein Doctor of Humane Letter
    10/27/1964 Farrington Daniel Doctor of Science
    6/7/1964 Thomas Dionysius Clark Doctor of Laws
    6/11/1961 Lucien  Beckner Doctor of Science
    6/11/1961 Emmet Field Horine Doctor of Literature
    6/11/1961 Herman B. Wells Doctor of Laws
    5/26/1961 Harry S. Truman Doctor of Laws
    3/23/1961 Max Mousseron Doctor of Science
    6/5/1960 Victor Karl Hammer Doctor of Humanities
    6/5/1960 Francis O. Wilcox Doctor of Laws
    6/7/1959 Thomas A. Bledsoe Doctor of Humanities
    6/7/1959 Leonard Dudley Heaton Doctor of Science
    2/20/1959 Richard Krautheimer Doctor of Literature
    3/15/1957 Paul Eliot Green Doctor of Literature
    12/18/1956 Paul Abraham Freund Doctor of Laws
    12/18/1956 Alpheus Thomas Mason Doctor of Literature
    12/18/1956 Sherman Minton Doctor of Laws
    6/3/1956 Alan Canty Doctor of Laws
    6/3/1956 Clarence H. Faust Doctor of Literature
    6/3/1956 Abraham Flexner Doctor of Science
    6/3/1956 Mary Belknap Gray Doctor of Literature
    6/5/1955 Frederick Herman Verhoeff Doctor of Science
    6/6/1954 Mary Bingham Doctor of Literature
    6/6/1954 Alexander Wiley Doctor of Laws
    6/7/1953 Lawrence Wetherby Doctor of Laws
    6/2/1952 Beardsley Ruml Doctor of Science
    6/2/1952 Frederick Fuller Russell Doctor of Science
    6/2/1952 Robert Whitney Doctor of Music
    10/30/1951 Barry Bingham Doctor of Literature
    10/30/1951 Oliver C. Carmichael Doctor of Laws
    10/30/1951 Herman Lee Donovan Doctor of Laws
    10/30/1951 Charles P. Farnsley Doctor of Laws
    10/30/1951 David Dodds Henry Doctor of Laws
    10/30/1951 George Dinsmore Stoddard Doctor of Laws
    6/5/1951 Gordon Evans Dean Doctor of Laws
    9/26/1950 David Sarnoff Doctor of Humane Letter
    6/12/1950 John Donald Kingsley Doctor of Laws
    6/12/1950 Martha B. Lucas Doctor of Humane Letter
    6/12/1950 Frank Pace, Jr. Doctor of Laws
    5/19/1950 Orld Wallace Eisbach Doctor of Engineering
    5/19/1950 William Edrald Kelley Doctor of Engineering
    5/19/1950 Jesse Wilford  Mason Doctor of Engineering
    5/19/1950 William Shallcross Speed Doctor of Science
    3/15/1950 H. Fred Wilkie Doctor of Laws
    6/13/1949 Richard Thomas Alexander Doctor of Literature
    6/13/1949 Earl James McGrath Doctor of Laws
    6/13/1949 Clyde Estes Minges Doctor of Laws
    6/13/1949 John Walker Moore Doctor of Laws
    6/13/1949 Thruston Ballard Morton Doctor of Laws
    6/13/1949 Robert Penn Warren Doctor of Literature
    6/15/1948 Harry G. Armstrong Doctor of Science
    6/15/1948 Mark Foster Ethridge Doctor of Literature
    6/15/1948 Frank Porter Graham Doctor of Laws
    6/15/1948 William Spencer  Stone Doctor of Science
    6/15/1948 Wilson Watkins Wyatt Doctor of Laws
    2/10/1948 James Gilbert Baker Doctor of Science
    2/10/1948 Alben William Barkley Doctor of Laws
    2/10/1948 William Benfon Doctor of Laws
    2/10/1948 Philip Earle Blackerby Doctor of Science
    2/10/1948 Sarah Gibson Blanding Doctor of Laws
    2/10/1948 Raymond Whitcomb Bliss Doctor of Laws
    2/10/1948 Lucius Dubignon Clay Doctor of Laws
    2/10/1948 Harry Alfred Curtis Doctor of Engineering
    2/10/1948 Carter Davidson Doctor of Literature
    2/10/1948 William Henry Draper, Jr. Doctor of Laws
    2/10/1948 William Birrell Franke Doctor of Science
    2/10/1948 Carl Clifford Howard Doctor of Science
    2/10/1948 Edgard Erskine Hume Doctor of Laws
    2/10/1948 Robert Staughton Lynd Doctor of Literature
    2/10/1948 Bryan Lee Milburn Doctor of Laws
    2/10/1948 Robert Daniel Murphy Doctor of Laws
    2/10/1948 Daniel Noce Doctor of Laws
    2/10/1948 Roger Jean Charles Noiret Doctor of Laws
    2/10/1948 Morrison Clay Stayer Doctor of Science
    2/10/1948 George Frederick Zook Doctor of Laws
    2/9/1948 John Mason Brown Doctor of Literature
    2/9/1948 William Anthony Stanislaus Dollard Doctor of Literature
    2/9/1948 George Hiram Geyer Doctor of Literature
    2/9/1948 Eugene Theodore Hepp Doctor of Literature
    2/9/1948 Marshall Mason Knappen Doctor of Literature
    2/9/1948 Reginal Townsend Percival Doctor of Science
    2/9/1948 Oscar William Rainmuth Doctor of Literature
    2/9/1948 Donald Charles Riddy Doctor of Literature
    2/9/1948 Paul Francis Shafer Doctor of Literature
    2/9/1948 Allen Tate Doctor of Literature
    9/20/1947 Geoffrey  Parsons Doctor of Laws
    9/20/1947 Fred W.  Rankin Doctor of Science
    9/20/1947 Elmo Roper Doctor of Laws
    9/20/1947 Roy Glenn Spurling Doctor of Science
    9/19/1947 Lafon Allen Doctor of Laws
    9/19/1947 Edward S. Jouett Doctor of Laws
    9/19/1947 Stanley Forman Reed Doctor of Laws
    9/19/1947 Wiley Blount Rutledge Doctor of Laws
    9/19/1947 Frederick Moore Vinson Doctor of Laws
    6/14/1947 William Allen Hamor Doctor of Science
    6/14/1947 Ford Lee Wilkinson, Jr. Doctor of Engineering
    6/22/1945 David Wark Griffith Doctor of Literature
    6/22/1945 Y. C. James Yen Doctor of Laws
    10/21/1944 Earle Watkins Mills Doctor of Engineering
    9/7/1944 John Thomas O'Rourke Doctor of Science
    1/10/1944 Edward Frederick Lindley Wood (Viscount Halifax) Doctor of Laws
    6/4/1940 Sophonisaba P. Breckinridege Doctor of Laws
    6/6/1939 Arthur Krock Doctor of Literature
    6/7/1938 Frances McGregor Ingram Master of Arts
    6/8/1937 Mary Breckenridge Doctor of Laws
    6/8/1937 K. S. Oh Doctor of Science
    6/8/1937 Alice Hegan Rice Doctor of Literature
    6/8/1937 Cale Young Rice Doctor of Literature
    6/8/1937 Elisebeth Madox Roberts Doctor of Literature
    6/8/1937 Frederic M. Sackett Doctor of Laws
    6/8/1937 J. B. (Hattie Bishop) Speed Master of Fine Arts
    6/8/1937 R. C. Ballard Thruston Master of Arts
    6/8/1937 Tom Wallace Master of Arts
    4/16/1937 Irvin Abell Doctor of Science
    4/16/1937 Simon Flexner Doctor of Science
    4/16/1937 William James Hutchins Doctor of Humane Letter
    4/16/1937 Charles Hubbard Judd Doctor of Science
    4/16/1937 Frank LeRond McVey Doctor of Laws
    4/16/1937 James H.  Richmond Doctor of Laws
    6/9/1936 Morris  Belknap, Jr. Master of Arts
    6/4/1935 Edmond F. Trabue Doctor of Laws
    6/6/1933 Wilfred thomason Grenfell Doctor of Science