Schedule of Unit Business Coordinators

Unit budget coordinators designated by each VP/Dean to represent their unit during the Budget Development and Budget Analysis cycles of the Operating Budget.

College of Arts & Sciences (28)
Ms. Bridget M. Burke

College of Business (30)
Ms. Denise McKnight

School of Dentistry (41)
Ms. Melissa Atkinson

College of Education and Human Development (31)
Ms. Julia Collins

Kent School of Social Work (32)
Ms. Elana Nance

Brandeis School of Law (33)
Mr. Jon Paul Moody

University Libraries (27)
Ms. Karen Nalley

School of Medicine (42)
Ms. Celeste Carter

School of Music (34)
Mr. Paul Detwiler

School of Nursing (43)
Ms. Emylene Rodenas

School of Public Health and Information Sciences (45)
Mr. Eric Nunn 

J.B. Speed School of Engineering (29)
Ms. Connie Braden

School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate  Studies (36)
Ms. LeAnn Taylor

Undergraduate Affairs and Enrollment Management (205)
Mr. Joe Dablow

Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning
Ms. Debra Dearing

Intercollegiate Athletics (11)
Mr. Jeff Spoelker

Office of the President (10)
Mr. Aria Razavi

Office of the University Provost (20)

Vice President for Business Affairs (23)
Ms. Melissa Long Shuter

Vice President for University Advancement (24)
Ms. Alicia Clark

Vice President for Student Affairs (22)
Ms. Suzanne Galbreath

Vice President for Information Technology (25)
Mr. James Parr

Vice President for Community Engagement (26)
Ms. Susan Rhodes

Executive Vice President for Research (21)
Mr. Craig Schroeder

Vice President for Finance (12)
Ms. Cecilie Ashanta

Vice President for Human Resources (37)
Ms. Lisa London

Budget & Financial Planning
Phone: 502-852-6166

Grawemeyer Hall
Room 20
Louisville, Ky. 40292

Bursar's Office
Phone: 502-852-6503

Houchens Building
Room 101
Louisville, Ky. 40292

Controller's Office
Phone: 502-852-7072

Service Complex
2nd Floor
Louisville, Ky. 40292

Payroll Office
Phone: 502-852-2978

Personnel Services Building
1980 Arthur Street
Louisville, KY 40208-1707

Position Management
Phone: 502-852-2978

Personnel Services Building
1980 Arthur Street
Louisville, KY 40208-1707