The Co-Immunity Project

One of the major challenges of 2020 is to identify how the coronavirus and COVID-19 infection moves through populations. This understanding can help us to restart the economy, return to work and schools safely, and to ease the burden of worry that uncertainty creates.

Who We Are

The Co-Immunity Project is a large scientific research study led by the Christina Lee Brown Envirome Institute, the Center for Predictive Medicine and the University of Louisville with several partners teaming up for the individual phases. Using our combined forces, we will study COVID-19 infection and immunity among healthcare workers and our broader Louisville Metro-Jefferson County community and track movement of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in Louisville’s wastewater and surface water.

Co-Immunity PSA Featuring Dr. Neeli Bendapudi

We are ideally suited to develop and execute this innovative project

Louisville is a mid-sized metropolitan area with a very diverse population so the range of results we obtain will be relevant to most communities across the country. Since the University of Louisville has extensive intellectual resources, material capacity, and strong ties with community partners, the University and our collaborators can spearhead this initiative and offer a path forward to curtail the impact of the virus on health and economy nationwide.

How We Will Succeed Together

Testing healthcare workers means that we can understand how stressed our healthcare system is and will help hospitals to make staffing decisions. Testing a portion of community members will reveal the rate of COVID-19 infection in the general population and will help individuals and organizations make informed decisions and understand the risk of becoming infected. Monitoring wastewater can help us understand how widespread COVID-19 infection is across Louisville and identify hotspots.

Surface Water Monitoring for SARS-COV-2 Webinar – Hear findings from the Surface Water study portion of the Co-Immunity Project

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You can help us restart the economy, return to work and schools safely, and ease the burden of worry created by uncertainty. Please consider a donation and adding your voice to this cause by sharing our work. If you'd like to contribute to this project, donate here.