Pathways Women's Conference

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Silver Linings: Living with Intention

The 10th Annual Pathways Women’s Leadership Conference, sponsored by Commonwealth Credit Union, will take place on May 20, 2022 from 10:00am - 3:00pm and is open to all University of Louisville women employees. 

As we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we delve into finding your silver lining during the pandemic to recalibrate your intentions, either in your personal or professional life. This year's program will feature sessions on leveraging your personal and professional leadership styles. Completion of the WorkingGenius assessment is required in advance of the program. Details for completing the assessment will be sent after registration is complete.

This virtual conference is free for UofL employees due to the gracious sponsorship of Commonwealth Credit Union.


Registration is required to receive the link for the virtual conference.

 Keynote Speaker

University of Louisville alum and former Starbucks executive vice president and chief partner officer, Lucy Helm, will be joining us to speak. As chief partner officer, Lucy served as the head of Starbucks Partner Resources (Human Resources) Organization, leading all aspects of hiring, pay, recognition, diversity & inclusion, and leadership development for hundreds of thousands Starbucks partners (employees) around the globe. 

Working Genius

The Six Types of Working Genius is a model and an assessment tool that allows anyone—CEOs, teachers, factory supervisors, college students—to identify their gifts and limitations so they can maximize their satisfaction and success in any kind of work they do. In thirty minutes, someone can radically alter their day-to-day job fulfillment or even their career direction. What a difference that can make in a person’s life. All six are necessary ingredients for success - and no one person can embody them all, which is why teamwork is so important.

 Take the quick and easy Working Genius assessment – just 10 minutes! – and bring your results with you to the conference. This will be sent to registered attendees prior to the conference. During a fast-paced session, Working Genius facilitators will provide an overview and help you understand how to make sense of your individual Geniuses, and how to leverage Working Genius for a team.

 In follow-up breakout groups, you’ll get a chance to dig in, consider how to best use your Genius in a team, and develop next steps for making the most of your areas of Working Genius!

 Conference Sponsors

Conference Committee

  • Fannie Cox, University Libraries

  • Bethany Daily, Brandies School of Law

  • Heather Fox, University Libraries
  • Leondra Gully, Cultural Center
  • Betsy Herndon, Commonwealth Credit Union
  • Ann Larson, College of Education & Human Development
  • Laura McDaniels, Employee Success Center
  • Michelle Rodems, Graduate School
  • Melissa Shuter, Operations Support Services
  • Nakia Strickland, Alumni Association
  • Mary Ann Vetter, Alumni Association
  • Meagan West, Employee Success Center

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