The Employee Success Center is your partner in career development, offering a range of learning opportunities, resources, and personalized coaching to guide your professional journey.  

What is Career Development?  

Career development is the ongoing process of navigating and advancing through different career stages, acquiring new skills, gaining valuable experience, and ultimately accomplishing your professional goals.  

 Career planning involves actively taking control of your career path by making strategic choices that resonate with your individual interests, needs, and goals. It is about proactively shaping your professional future to align with your unique aspirations.  

Career Support for Employees

Our Career Pathways Specialist, Mallory Newby, is here to support University of Louisville employees. Schedule a 1:1 Virtual Coaching Session with Mallory. You can also reach Mallory or on Teams chat.

Coming Soon: 

  • Career Development Resources & Toolkits  

  • Career Coaching Circle  

  • Learning Cafes  

  • Employee Success podcast episodes on career topics 

  • Staff Fellowships:Staff tuned for updates (2025) 

Quick Links:  

  • Coaching Circles: Join to foster leadership skills, build connections, and embrace continuous learning for career advancement. Stay tuned for new coaching circles and application deadlines! 

  • Cardinal Leadership Institute:Propel your career through immersive experiences in leadership, coaching, and talent management. 

  • Employee Resource Groups: Connect, share experiences, and grow professionally with supportive networks, mentorship, and diverse career insights. 

  • Learning Cafes:Participate in online sessions to enhance skills, stay current, and strengthen connections within the UofL community.  

  • Mentoring for Success:Cultivate meaningful mentorship relationships tailored to your personal and professional goals. 

  • LinkedIn Learning: Free access to a vast library of courses and personalized learning paths for continuous career progression.  

  • Tuition Remission: Propel your career forward by pursuing higher education without financial constraints—unlocking new skills and qualifications for advancement.