Kentucky Reading Project

The mission of the Kentucky Reading Project is to reignite a love of reading for the KRP teachers and to equip and empower them to improve reading instructional practices in their classrooms. During the two-week Summer Institute, teachers design a comprehensive, research-based Literacy Action Plan, which will be implemented in their classrooms during the next academic school year to meet their diverse learners' needs.

KRP Institute

The emphasis for the University of Louisville cohorts are:

  • Reclaiming literacy instruction
  • Promoting inquiry-based interdisciplinary curriculum development
  • Exploring the role of digital literacy arts, and play in literacy teaching
  • Expanding our understanding of using children's literature in relation to the Common Core Standards
  • Developing a literacy curriculum that builds on students' languages, lives, and interests

The KRP yearlong graduate level course consists of a summer institute, four follow-up sessions during the year, and at least one coaching visit to each teacher. To date, nearly 600 teachers have graduated from the UofL KRP cohort.


In 1998, the Kentucky legislature established the Collaborative Center for Literacy Development (CCLD), housed at UK, to unite all eight public universities around literacy initiatives and professional development in literacy. In 1999, the Kentucky Reading Project (KRP) was born as a CCLD initiative with the project at the University of Louisville being instrumental in the conception and design of KRP at the state level.

The core values of KRP are:

  • Achieving proficiency in literacy;
  • Promoting an atmosphere for reflective evaluation of teaching and learning;
  • Encouraging collaborative learning communities;
  • Fostering lifelong learning.

Quotes from KRP graduates:

"I will make miracles by helping all children feel like confidant readers."

"This is amazing! My teaching has been transformed so much for the better."

"I learned so much from the KRP institute. I really believe the experience was pivotal in pushing me to the next step in my career."

Learn More About KRP

For more information about KRP, contact Dr. Janey Andris. Applications for KRP can be found at the following link,