EmployeesThe University offers employees the opportunity to network and get involved in campus initiatives, events, and activities.  The Employee Success Center offers training and mentoring and the opportunity for employees to connect with each other through Employee Resource Groups. Click the links below to learn more.

Employee Success Center 

The Employee Success Center supports employees with professional development opportunities, onboarding, mentoring, learning cafes and more. Visit the website to learn more.


Commission on Diversity and Racial Equality (CODRE) - The Commission on Diversity and Racial Equity (CODRE) was established in 1998 by University of Louisville President John Shumaker, to promote a campus culture of inclusion and engagement.  

Commission on the Status Women (COSW) - In 1994, UofL’s then-president, Dr. Donald Swain, appointed the Task Force on the Status of Women to assess the status of women faculty and staff at the university and recommend changes to improve that status. 

Employee Resource Groups 

The university hosts a number of employee resource groups (ERGs) that support our vision to be a great place to work. ERGs promote a climate of inclusion and provide a place where employees can come together to network, create a strong sense of community, and share their concerns with others. Visit the website to learn more.


Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander Faculty & Staff Association - The University of Louisville Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander Faculty & Staff Association (AAPI) was established in 2021. This employee resource group (ERG) aims to build community, promote diversity, and champion action and change for the Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander populations on campus.

Black Faculty/Staff Association (BFSA) - The University of Louisville Black Faculty/Staff Association (BFSA) was founded in 2002. This employee resource group (ERG) aims to serve as a collective that supports and advocates for Black employees at the University of Louisville. BFSA currently has 350+ members and distribution list recipients across the university and within the Louisville community.

Hispanic Latino Faculty and Staff Association (HLFSA) - The Hispanic Latin@ Faculty and Staff Association (HLFSA) advises the President and the University of Louisville community on the nature of issues and needs confronting the Hispanic/Latino Faculty, Staff, and Students in the University; provide assistance in evaluating University programs as they pertain to the Hispanic/Latin@ community; provide input to University and City of Louisville officials; and assist the Hispanic/Latino community to make the University system more accessible.

LGBTQ+ Faculty and Staff Association - The mission of the LGBTQ+ FSA employee resources group is to provide support, build community, and advocate for LGBTQ+ faculty and staff at the University of Louisville.

Parenting Network - The Parenting Network offers support and resources that empower UofL employees who are parents or guardians. We work to influence university policy and practice in order to promote an inclusive and equitable campus community of care.

Women's Network -  Welcome to the University of Louisville Women’s Network (ULWN). The Women’s Network is an inclusive organization committed to encouraging and promoting the personal and professional development of women faculty and staff at UofL. Working in collaboration with University partners, the Women’s Network will give you access to valuable contacts and information on programming, sponsorships and networking opportunities. Join over 200 women that are a part of the Women's Network! 

UofL Young and Emerging Professionals - The University of Louisville’s Young and Emerging Professionals (YEP) Employee Resource Group supports the personal and professional development of young professionals or emerging professionals who are new to UofL or new to a particular career path, etc. Membership is free and open to all UofL employees.