Cardinals Rising

Cardinals Rising

About the Program

Cardinals Rising, a transformative college readiness program for students in grades 8-12, will begin accepting students in Fall 2024. This exceptional program will bridge the educational divide by fostering a college-going culture among underserved, low-income, and first-generation students. Through a robust collaboration with various UofL academic units and local middle and high schools, Cardinals Rising is not just a program; it's a movement toward educational equity.

The program, has a goal of serving 200 students in grades 8-12. It culminates in scholarships for students who fulfill its requirements, offering them a tangible pathway to higher education. Moreover, support extends to the families of these students, equipping parents and guardians with the knowledge and tools to aid their child's educational journey.

Program Goals:

  • Foster Educational Aspirations: Cultivate a college-going culture, not just among students, but also within their families and communities, by providing them with firsthand exposure to the college environment.
  • Inspire Student Empowerment: Be instrumental in helping students take ownership of their success, fostering a sense of responsibility and self-efficacy in their educational journeys.
  •  Encourage Community Leadership:Empower students to enact positive changes in their schools and communities, nurturing future leaders who are community-conscious and socially responsible.
  •  Demystify College Admissions: Help participants become more confident about the college application process and requirements, thereby increasing their confidence and readiness for higher education.
  •  Create a Healthy Learning Environment: Generate a transformative environment that prioritizes the health and wellness of students, ensuring they have a supportive space to grow academically and personally.
  •  Promoting Advanced Learning Techniques: Participants can engage with collegiate-level pedagogy, preparing them for the rigors of higher education and giving them a head start in their academic pursuits.

Program Highlights:

  • Inclusive partnership with UofL academic colleges, centers, and resources.
  • Student development through mentorship and enrichment activities during the school year.
  • Students will attend a weeklong summer academy on Belknap Campus and actively participate in engaging activities within the colleges.
  • Program culminates in scholarships for students who fulfill program requirements.

Participating Schools



Daquarius Mahone, M.Ed.
Director, Cardinals Rising Program
502.852. 9546 |

Program coming Fall 2024

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