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After requesting an accommodation letter and providing it to their instructor, students who will test at the Disability Resource Center should scheduled their exams with us. Exams can be scheduled in-person, over the phone with our front desk, or online.

Note: Exams should be scheduled at least 3 business days in advance, and final exams should be scheduled at least 2 weeks in advance. Exams cannot be scheduled online without sufficient notice.

Exams can be scheduled through the DRC Online Portal.

  1. Go to the DRC Online Portal
  2. Click “Schedule a test or Exam”.
  3. Click the “Schedule a test, mid-term or quiz”.
  4. Log in using your ULink username and password.
  5. A drop down menu will show a list of your courses. Select the course you need to schedule, and click “Next”. (If a course is not listed, please contact your coordinator.)
  6. Enter the date and time when you are taking the test (this time should be agreed upon between you and the professor before scheduling if different from class time), and then the duration of time students in class receive to take the test (before any extended time). Click “Next”.
  7. Confirm that the name and email address we have for your instructor are correct. If the information we have is incorrect, make any necessary updates. Click “Next”.
  8. Check any accommodations that will be needed on this exam. Only those accommodations that are checked will be used for this exam. Click “Next”.
  9. Confirm the accommodated exam date and time. Click “Next”.
  10. Confirm and acknowledge that all information being submitted is correct, and click “Finish”.
  11. You will receive a confirmation e-mail from the DRC pertaining to your booking. Please check all dates and times are correct.

You are responsible for discussing the implementation of your exam accommodations with your instructor prior to scheduling your exam with the DRC. This conversation is necessary to determine whether the instructor wants you to take the exam at the DRC or if they prefer to administer it within the department.

If you are unable to take your exam at the same date and time as the class due to a conflict with another class or with the DRC’s office hours, it is crucial that you speak with your instructor about this and determine a mutually agreed upon time for you to take the exam before scheduling with the DRC.

Our how-to guide on using the DRC Online Portal provides instructions with screenshots (PDF) for those who would like additional direction on using the portal. If you have trouble using the portal, please see our Portal Troubleshooting page for solutions to common issues.

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