ULSD Faculty Members Honored at the President’s 2013 Celebration of Faculty Excellence on September 9th

Look for the folks with the biggest smiles! (Back Row L to R) Ann Windchy, Don Demuth, Bill Sanders, Whitney Nash (UofL School of Nursing faculty), Tom Clark. (Lower right hand corner) Somnath Datta (UofL School of Public Health and Information Sciences faculty)

Dr. Ann Windchy - Distinguished Faculty Award in Teaching

Dr. Ann Windchy of the ULSD’s Department of Oral Health and Rehabilitation added her seventh major award for teaching prosthodontics. This University-Wide award was presented to her for being an exceptional faculty member.

Her caring attitude for each student’s educational development and use of creative teaching modalities were major reasons for her selection. It’s clearly evident she possesses and demonstrates the innate ability to motivate students in the educational process and be an active participant during their journey.

Retiring at the end of the calendar year, the BIG shoes she’ll leave under her ULSD desk will be hard to fill. She will be missed.

Dr. J. Paul Boyd - Community Engagement Faculty Award (International Service Learning Program)
Dr. Thomas Clark - Community Engagement Faculty Award (International Service Learning Program)
Dr. William Sanders - Community Engagement Faculty Award (International Service Learning Program)

ULSD students travel worldwide to provide oral health care and further their learning far beyond the scope of the services they provide because of the faulty who see the wisdom of that "adventure."

Three of the School's faculty were recognized and honored for making these opportunities available.

Paul Boyd and Bill Sanders lead a team of students to Belize using the site and “system” created and developed by their fellow faculty member, Tom Clark. Tom was recognized for his "expedition" to Botswana. Dr. Clark can go in any and all directions, i.e. he has traveled and taught from the continent of Africa to the Philippine Islands.

This special and unique contribution to the education and lives of ULSD students is far beyond what’s expected of faculty. Great Job! – And – even better, the experiences continue.

Dr. Donald Demuth – Patents, Licenses & Options

Dr. Don Demuth was recognized for an agreement that was made to commercialize anti-biofilm compounds that he has developed in the lab. A company has negotiated an option to license this technology and will be working to develop a business plan to present to venture capitalist firms in order to attract additional funding to further develop and test these compounds.