School of Dentistry faculty and staff honored as COVID-19 Heroes, Student Champions

The University of Louisville recognized dozens of USLD team members for going above and beyond to keep emergency dental care up and running and to support students during the pandemic.
School of Dentistry faculty and staff honored as COVID-19 Heroes, Student Champions

COVID-19 Heroes

This year, the University of Louisville's Employee Success Center has established a new award, COVID-19 Heroes, to recognize people who went above and beyond during the pandemic. The following University of Louisville School of Dentistry team members were recently honored at COVID-19 Heroes:

  • Dr. Sherry Babbage, Comprehensive Dentistry – Dr. Babbage kept emergency dental care up and running for the community throughout the pandemic. She also obtained her certification in vaccination protocols to help at register sites and arranged meetings to educate those who were hesitant about receiving the vaccination.
  • Supervisor-Nancy Trabue and the Entire First Floor Staff, Faculty ACB OS Residents, GPR Residents and Patty Byrd, Emergency/Oral Surgery Clinic, School of Dentistry - As private practices shut down around the community, the Emergency/Oral Surgery Clinic remained open for emergency services.

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Student Champions

More than a dozen ULSD team members were also honored as Student Champions. These awards gave students the opportunity to recognize faculty and staff members who went above and beyond for them in creating meaningful educational experiences and helping them navigate this incredibly difficult year. ULSD’s Student Champions for this year are: 

  • Wil Abshier - Assistant Professor Term
  • Abbie Beacham - Associate Professor
  • Mark Bernstein - Professor
  • Saritha Butler - Dental Clinic Associate Sr 
  • Megan Finney - Program Assistant Sr 
  • Kathleen Fischer - Assistant Professor Term
  • Hugh Gardner - Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Karen Hamilton - Dental Clinic Associate Sr 
  • James Harrison - Assistant Professor Term
  • Valerie Hunt – Billing Coordinator  
  • Nandakumar Janakiraman - Assistant Professor/Postgrad Program Director
  • Gustavo Machado Santaella - Assistant Professor
  • Pleshette Morrow - Dental Clinic Associate Sr 
  • Antonetta Nelson - Dental Clinic Associate Sr 
  • Roger Richardson - Assistant Professor Term
  • Valerie Weber - Clinical Associate Professor


July 21, 2021