Community groups and individual donors help build patient-centered care at the School of Dentistry

LDS presenting a check to Dean SaukThrough generous philanthropic efforts, the University of Louisville School of Dentistry is building support to provide at-risk populations with oral health care.

Dental students will have an even greater opportunity to serve the community through the UofL Compassionate Care Connect Program (ULCCCP), established through an endowment from the RSMIS Foundation founded by Robert and Marilyn Silverthorn. The program offers adult patients in need financial assistance. Dental students benefit from the learning experiences, and patients improve their health and quality of life.

A gift from the Louisville Dental Society provided another boost to the school’s patient-centered care efforts. This organization has given a donation to help nephrology patients pay for oral health care prior to surgery. Those awaiting kidney transplants must be free of infection and restored to proper oral health in order to receive a transplant.

Children aren’t being left behind, thanks to the generosity of Dr. Glenn and Kelly Spradlin. A compassionate care fund for kids has been established to support the Care for Kids and Families program, a community initiative to bring oral care and vision screening to the children of Kentuckiana.

Through this program, students and faculty visit underserved schools to conduct oral screenings and educate parents and families about the importance of proper oral health care.  Those in need are then transported to our clinics for treatment. Private funding through this new initiative covers the costs of transportation and unreimbursed care.

For more information on how you can assist in making these new programs successful and aid in our ability to serve our communities, please contact Paul Clark at or (502) 751-2097.