D1 Stories: Payal

Hometown: New Lexington, OH Undergraduate: The Ohio State University

Where did you complete your undergraduate education? In what subject?

I attended undergrad at The Ohio State University with a major in Pharmaceutical Sciences. This major left me feeling very prepared for dental school as it was geared for students in variety of pre-health tracks. I found this major to be very beneficial coming into dental school because the sciences were taught to be applied to various drug classes and disease states which have already made a reappearance in the dental school curriculum. I also enjoyed taking elective courses that helped build my knowledge in various aspects of the healthcare industry.

Why did you choose University of Louisville School of Dentistry?

I was attracted to ULSD by their commitment to diversity and inclusion, service, and by the exceptional faculty. During my sophomore year in undergrad, I attended to the Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP) where I became familiar with the school, environment, and faculty. The positive impression that was created by the program and the city of Louisville itself helped me decide that I would want make ULSD my home for the next four years.

What advice would you share with undergraduates considering a career in dentistry?

When considering a career in dentistry as an undergraduate, I would definitely recommend shadowing as much as you can. This will help you determine if you truly want to pursue dentistry as a career and will also help you build knowledge and passion for the field. Plus, a number of shadow hours are required for application so it is a good idea to start this early! Another piece of advice would be build a network of mentors (both current students and dentists) and build a good relationship with them. Having good mentors helps build your knowledge, answer your questions, and guide your journey to success.


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