Digital Pedagogy FLC Application

General Information

Even if you are not applying as a member of a small team, you will be assigned to a work group based upon similar interests.

Please rank order your preference for exploration.

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Mobile/Emerging Technologies
Flipping the Classroom
Other (Please specify)
Do you plan to use your own laptop?
Eligibility Criteria
Do you expect to teach at least one face-to-face or online course in both Fall 2014 and Spring 2015?
Do you have at least one year of teaching experience?
Will you be available to attend the 3-day kick-off session on May 27-29?
Will you be available to attend the six follow-up sessions?

Short Essay:

Digital media offers many possibilities for fostering student engagement and active learning. What student learning challenges do you hope to better understand and address? How do you hope digital tools can help you meet your teaching goals?

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