Tips You Can Implement Today to Make Your Classroom More Welcoming to LGBTQ Students

Inclusive Teaching

In a changing world where what it means to be LGBTQ is shifting, how do we make sure our classrooms are still welcoming and inclusive? Sometimes small shifts can send a powerful message, whether it’s the way you manage introductions on the first day or how you handle a homophobic comment during a classroom discussion. In this interactive session, we will discuss what LGBTQ students are looking for as signs of safety and some easy-to-implement changes that will maximize their experience in your course.

As a result of attending this session, you will be able to:

  • Examine your syllabus for opportunities to send a strong message of LGBTQ inclusion;
  • Introduce your LGBTQ students to campus policies and resources that will transform their experience; and
  • Plan a strategy for handling crucial conversations about gender identity, pronouns, and other concerns for your LGBTQ students.

Session Date

Presenter Bio

Brian Buford, M.Ed. is assistant provost for diversity and director of the university’s LGBT Center. He has led U of L’s work for LGBT inclusion since founding the center in 2007 and most recently, its recognition as one of the 25 most LGBT-friendly in the country. He also teaches courses for the College of Education on multicultural topics where he strives to create an inclusive classroom for every student.

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