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Many of us have had the experience of seeing the “light bulb” turn on in a student’s mind when they finally understand a concept that they struggled to grasp, discover a passion or career because of your class, or come to believe in learning or education because of how you taught. These moments are highlights in our professional lives, and they can occur more often and more intentionally. In this session, the presenter will help the audience uncover tools to help you create transformation in the lives of those you teach. This will benefit the student, you, and the class as a whole.

As a result of attending this session, you will be able to:

  • Identify practical principles for making transformational learning experiences more common;
  • Focus on principles that are directly relevant to your unique classroom experiences; and
  • Learn from other educators in the room as well as the discussion facilitator.

Dr. Quinn is offering his 2016 Celebration of Teaching and Learning session again as part of the Dine and Discover series. Here is what some of his Celebration session attendees had to say:

“This session made me reflect on my own transformative experiences in the classroom. The discussion that the session generated between educators was really helpful.”

“I not only learned from his content, but also his style of teaching and engaging the participants.”

Session Date

Presenter Bio

Ryan Quinn, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor at UofL’s College of Business. He researches and teaches topics related to leadership and change management. He has taught in Full-Time, Professional, Weekend and Executive MBA programs, undergraduate programs, and executive education and corporate training sessions around the world. Ryan’s research focuses on two topics in particular: (1) the role that our psychological states play in our leadership, and (2) how organizations and individuals learn from success.

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