Delphi U

Delphi U offers faculty the chance to get many of their questions and concerns about online courses answered in an engaging environment. Participants will be introduced to ways of designing, developing, delivering, and assessing online classes. After completing this free and informative workshop, faculty will leave Delphi U with a head start on creating or re-designing an online course.Passport To Teaching Effectiveness

Delphi U offers faculty the chance to learn more about the design and facilitation of online courses while creating materials to be used in their upcoming course. Participants will be introduced to design frameworks and facilitation approaches that are based on national standards, research findings, and instructional design principles. After completing this free and informative workshop, faculty will leave Delphi U with a head start on creating or re-designing an online course.

Three Ways to Participate in Delphi U

We offer three ways to complete Delphi U. Review the options below and select the approach that best aligns with your schedule and preferred collaboration style. Delphi U is offered as a:

  • 4 day Face-to-Face Workshop
  • 8-Week Online Course
  • Self-Paced Online Course

Learn more about the program options.

Topics Covered

  • Planning an online class
  • Designing an online class
  • Use of Blackboard and other technology tools in an online class
  • Promoting student engagement in virtual environments
  • Assessing student learning

Who Should Attend

Delphi U is designed to meet the needs of all faculty who are planning to teach in the online environment.

Program Benefits

Delphi U offers UofL faculty an unmatched opportunity to explore best practices in course design, engagement strategies, and student evaluation for the online classroom. As a participant in Delphi U, you can expect to:

  • Explore legal and regulatory policies relating to an online course.
  • Structure an online course to promote ease of navigation and learner engagement.
  • Explore the instructor’s role in an online course.
  • Utilize technology tools commonly associated with an online course, including Blackboard.
  • Design assessments to maximize the benefits offered by the online learning environment.
  • Develop strategies to gather feedback from learners to help you continually improve your online course.

Choose Your Session

  • Click to Show/HideFace-to-Face Workshop

    Participants in the face-to-face workshop will work directly with members of the instructional design team and with other faculty members from across the university as they develop artifacts and plan activities for their online class. This opportunity is ideal for people who enjoy brainstorming in groups and sharing ideas for feedback. If you are brand new to online teaching, this version of Delphi U will provide you with unmatched opportunity to directly work with experienced online instructors from across the University.

  • Click to Show/Hide8-Week Online Course

    Delphi U Online is a convenient way to explore best practices in online instruction while participating in an online course. This version of Delphi U is ideal for those who want to experience what online instruction is like for students. Participants will interact with one another and course facilitators within Blackboard over 8 weeks. You can expect to spend about 3-4 hours each week reviewing materials and completing prototypes of instructional materials for your course.

    Due to the online nature of this offering, collaboration occurs asynchronously and is often text-based.

    Online Delphi U sessions are offered in the fall and early spring.

  • Click to Show/HideSelf-Paced Online Course

    The Self-Paced Delphi U Online program is ideal for those who are unable to register for the in-person or 8-week online program options due to scheduling constraints. Participants can register at any time and complete the course as their schedule allows.

    Participants will cover the same material and complete the same exercises as offered in other versions of Delphi U but can do so at their own pace within a 6-month window of time. The self-paced nature of this course does mean that peer-to-peer interaction and engagement is limited.

    Self-Paced Online Course

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Passport to Teaching Effectiveness

Passport To Teaching Effectiveness

This program will support participants in the Passport to Teaching Effectiveness in completing the following artifacts:

  • Peer Review of Lesson Plan or Assignment Design
  • Peer Review of Course Assessment Plan
  • Course Syllabus
  • Delphi Certification of an Online Course
  • Lesson Plan
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