Training & Education

We are committed to seeking out opportunities to promote the use of the CREAM facilities. CREAM has been providing such educational seminars across the UofL campus as well as in nearby Universities. In addition, we continue to improve our Website to serve as a contact point to CREAM. This is linked to sample preparation protocols, sample submission forms, other websites for MS and NMR education of research personnel, etc. We also provide following three opportunities to the metabolomics community:

1) Open House

CREAM work flow chartTo inform potentially interested parties on the service supplied by CREAM, we host an annual two-day ‘open house’, at which time the general functions and service of CREAM are demonstrated to any interested parties, including the use of the GC-MS, GCxGC-MS, NMR and 2D LC-MS systems.

Additional visits can be scheduled for a group of visitors. Please contact the Facility Manager for arrangement.

2) User Training

CREAM organizes two annual training classes (one in Fall semester, and the other in Spring semester) to introduce the principles of analysis methods and software packages of metabolomics. For the users who cannot participate in the scheduled training classes, the training in instrument operation is available on request. Please contact Facility Manager for scheduling.

3) Graduate students and post-doctoral associates

Many research programs are available for graduate students and post-doctoral research associates who are interested in metabolomics. For details of the research programs, please contact CREAM Director Dr. Xiang Zhang.