CREAM Outreach to Undergraduate Students

Student Project Dates Home Town Mentor
Alex Belshoff Arsenic Detoxification: Inhibition of Glutathione Production Results in Increased Arsenic Accumulation June 2007‐May 2008 Louisville KY Teresa Fan
Josh Campbell Effect of Phosphorus on the Level of Unsaturation of Soyben Lipids Louisville KY Cecilia Yappert
Marchello Cavitt Analysis of Soybean Lipids by TLC and in situ MALDI MS Louisville KY Cecilia Yappert
Sabine Dhakal June‐Oct. 2007 Nepal Teresa Fan
Kathleen Marshall June 2007‐May 2008 Leitchfield KY Teresa Fan
Nichole Sonderman Effect of Thermal Oxidation of Soybean Triacylglycerides Louisville KY Cecilia Yappert
Maresha Williams New York NY Cecilia Yappert
Mark Capece 2008 Davis CA Teresa Fan
Ben King 2008 Teresa Fan
Patrick Mullaney 2008‐2012 Louisville KY Hunter Moseley
Abigail Hoskins 2008‐2012 Floyds Knobs IN Hunter Moseley
Timothy Cook 2008‐2011 Paducah KY Hunter Moseley
M. Habib Energy metabolism in rat skeletal muscle Summer 2008 Andrew Lane
Martin McKinney Stable Isotope Resolved Metabolomics Analysis of Ribonucleotide and RNA Metabolism Summer 2008 Andrew Lane
Sabrina Shatzman 2009‐2012 Teresa Fan
G. Bousamra 31P NMR based energy metabolism in rat tissue Summer 2010 Louisville KY Teresa Fan
Joshua Mitchell Developing Computational Tools for Molecular Comparison and Metabolic Placement of Detectable Uncharacterized Metabolites 2010‐2012 Frankfort KY Hunter Moseley
Rima Patel 2010‐2011 Louisville KY Hunter Moseley
Craig Clemons 2010‐2013 Fairdale, KY Hunter Moseley
Zelalem Mekonnen Summer 2011 Teresa Fan
Austin McCuiston Lipidomics of Microvesicles in Human Lung Cancer Cells for Cancer Detection Summer 2011 Andrew Lane
Joshua Mabrey Fall 2011 Bardstown KY Hunter Moseley
Elizabeth Lorch 2011‐2012 Park Hills, KY Hunter Moseley
Andrew McCollam 2011‐2013 Floyds Knobs IN Hunter Moseley
Eugene Hinderer 2011‐2013 Greenville IN Hunter Moseley
John Taylor Hans 2011‐2013 Louisville KY Hunter Moseley
Annabelle Carrell 2011‐2013 Crescent Springs, KY Hunter Moseley
Arren Carter 2011‐2013 Columbus, OH Hunter Moseley
Indraneel Reddy 2011‐2013 Louisville KY Hunter Moseley
Brent Hukill Stable isotope labeling resolved sample complexing for high throughput metabolomics 2013 Summer Franklin, IN Xiang Zhang
Connor Smith Absolute quantification of metabolites in complex samples on GC-MS 2014 Summer Xiang Zhang