Updates regarding changes to campus and residential services for UofL students

Housing Credits

Residential students

Residential students who move out of UofL campus residence halls and have no outstanding balances may have a pro-rated portion of their housing costs and meal plan dining dollars credited to the fall semester for the 2020-2021 school year. The credit may go toward housing, dining, or tuition and fees. Final credit amounts will be dependent upon the individual student’s financial aid situation and compliance.

Graduating Students

Students graduating this semester or students who will not be returning with no outstanding balances will be refunded a pro-rated portion of their housing and unused dining dollars. UofL does sincerely request any student who is able to do so to waive their refund and donate it to UofL to help manage the significant financial impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the University

Dining Credits

Students with dining plans will receive a pro-rated credit to your dining account based on your balance of unused flex points. Due to campus operations remaining open, the proration amount cannot be determined until the end of the current semester which concludes on May 7th. The flex point credit may take up to 30 days from May 7th to appear on your dining account. If you have graduated from UofL or will no longer be attending, your credit will be issued from the Bursar’s office in the form of a check. If you have any additional questions concerning your meal plan, please email .

Financial Aid

Impact of online instruction on Financial Aid

The change in instruction delivery method will not affect your financial aid in the current semester. This includes your federal, state and institutional grants; scholarships; and loans.

Impact of withdrawing from classes on Financial Aid

The last day to withdraw from the university has passed, so late withdrawal requests will need to be routed through your particular unit. It is possible (although unlikely at this point in the semester) this decision could result in a required adjustment to your current aid. Keep in mind this decision could impact your future financial aid eligibility. Also, to avoid paying back any federal and/or state grants, we recommend you don’t just stop participating in your courses. Our staff will check your records to verify you participated academically in all of your courses.

Impact of going to pass/fail on financial aid

Changing your course enrollment(s) to pass/fail will not impact financial aid this semester. It is possible it could impact future terms (through things like Satisfactory Academic Progress.

Maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress and/or scholarship renewal if all classes have converted to online

We recommend you simply do your best. If, at the end of the semester, you’ve been held for Satisfactory Academic Progress or you haven’t met the renewal requirements for a scholarship, we have appeal processes in place.

Delivering documents to Financial Aid

Mail is an option to submit documents, or you can utilize our fax number at 502-852-0182. Because email is not always secure, do not submit verification forms nor corresponding items, tax information, or other documents that include Social Security Numbers via email. You can still submit materials in-person at the Houchens Building. You’ll find instructions on the front door of the building on how to leave documents with a staff member.

Financial Aid for Summer 2020

There are no changes to the way the Student Financial Aid Office will process summer aid. Federal aid eligibility for summer 2020 is determined by your completed 2019-2020 FAFSA. Many state and institutional aid programs are not available during the summer, though some are. To be evaluated for federal aid priority processing, you should finalize your summer enrollment and then complete the Early Request for Summer Federal Aid which is available in Link. Additional information and detailed instructions are available from the Student Financial Aid Office.

More Information
Financial Aid FAQ

Financial Contacts


Most staff is working remotely. Emailing is the recommended method at this time to address questions. If you are a student, include your name and UofL ID in the email, and it is highly encouraged you send the email from your UofL email account.

Financial Aid

Emailing is the recommended method at this time to address questions. Multiple staff members are monitoring this account. If you are a student, ensure you include your name and UofL ID in the email, and it is highly encouraged you send the email from your UofL email account.

Financial Assistance

If you know a student who is in need, please encourage them to apply for emergency funds.

The federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act has provided universities nationally with a pool of funds. UofL will disperse funds for current students that need assistance with qualifying expenses related to the disruption of campus operations. Students in need of financial support for expenses supported by the CARES Act are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. To learn more or apply, visit the Student Financial Aid Office website. Contact the Student Financial Aid Office at with questions.