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Employee Whistleblower Protection Notice

Employees working on Federal contracts, subcontracts, or grants are provided enhanced whistleblower rights and protections under Federal law.


Contractors, subcontractors, grantees, subgrantees, or personal service contractors may not discharge, demote, or otherwise discriminate against an employee who discloses information that the employee reasonably believes is evidence of:

  1. gross mismanagement of a Federal contract or grant;
  2. gross waste of Federal funds;
  3. an abuse of authority relating to a Federal contract or grant;
  4. a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety; or
  5. a violation of law, rule, or regulation related to a Federal contract (including the competition for or negotiation of a contract) or grant.

 The whistleblower protections will apply when the employee discloses the information above to one of the following persons or bodies:

  1. A Member of Congress or a representative of a committee of Congress.
  2. An Inspector General.
  3. The Government Accountability Office.
  4. A Federal employee responsible for contract or grant oversight or management at the relevant agency.
  5. A court or grand jury.
  6. A management official or other employee of the contractor, subcontractor, or grantee who has the responsibility to investigate, discover, or address misconduct.
  7. An authorized official of the U.S. Department of Justice or other law enforcement agency.

A person who believes that they have been subjected to a violation of this law may submit a complaint to the Inspector General of the executive agency involved. The OIG provides information about reporting via the OIG’s online hotline compliant form.


The University of Louisville is committed to conducting its affairs with integrity and in full compliance with the law, regulations, and the university’s applicable policies and procedures. The university’s Duty to Report and Non-Retaliation policy prohibits retaliation against employees who report compliance related concerns or questionable practices in good faith.