Research!Louisville 2023 Awardees

Research!Louisville 2023 Awardees

Thank you to everyone who participated in Research!Louisville for another successful year. Several awards were received by the CIEHS mentors of awardees (members names bolded). 

Postdoctoral Fellow Award
2nd Place: Abigail Ekuban
Mentor: Matthew Cave

Research Associate/Research Scientist Award

1st Place: Jianzhu Luo
Mentor:Matthew Cave

2nd Place: Min Wang
Mentor: Craig McClain

Research Staff Awards
2nd Place: Megan Jacobs
Mentor: Cynthia Corbitt

Public Health & Information Sciences Basic Research

Yiqun Mo
Mentor: Qunwei Zhang

Public Health & Information Sciences Research & Practice
Triparna Poddar
Mentor: Maiying Kong

Faculty Award in Basic Science
Mayukh Banerjee

Excellence in Health Disparities Research Award
2nd Place: Alexandra Nail 

Mentor: J. Christopher States

NCI Cancer Education Program Norbert J. Burzynski Award- Undergraduate Student Category
Madeline Martinez
Mentor:David Hein