June 2022 Member Grant Awards

Congratulations to the CIEHS members who had new grants activated/awarded in the month of June 2022!  Below is a list of the new awards.  We are so proud of all the hard work of our CIEHS members.  You truly are making UofL a nationally recognized premier metropolitan research University and promoting interdisciplinary collaborative research in our Center!

PI Name Other Investigator Long Title Sponsor Amount
States, J. Christopher Diversity Supp: University of Louisville Center for Integrative Environmental Health Sciences NIH - National Institutes of Health $172,083.00
Huntington-Moskos, Luz Guiomar Improving Asthma Self-Management using Report Back Strategies with Adolescents Univ. of California-Davis $336,054.00
Kirpich, Irina McClain, Craig James Role of Soluble Epoxide Hydrolase in Alcohol-Associated Liver Disease NIH - National Institutes of Health $422,101.00
Deng, ZhongBin McClain, Craig James;
The Role of Neutral Ceramidase in Intestinal Fucosylation and Liver Stenosis and Inflammation NIH - National Institutes of Health $413,160.00
Corbitt, Cynthia Kosiewicz, Michele Marie;
Neal, Rachel Elizabeth
Prenatal Cigarette Smoke Exposure: Impact on Offspring Gut Bacterial Microbiome NIH - National Institutes of Health $469,458.00
Wahlang, Banrida Evaluating Mechanisms of Sex Differences in Environmentally-Induced Metabolic Diseases NIH - National Institutes of Health $126,166.00
Total New Awards June 2022: $1,939,022.00