Cycle 1- January 2021 TRSC Research Voucher Awards

Medium TRSC Research Voucher Award(s): Medium research voucher applications support the expenses (up to $5,000) to cover costs associated with critical exploratory research and proof-of-concept studies needed for hypothesis generation and grant (re-)submission.


Principal Investigator: Loretta Jophlin, M.D., Ph.D.
Collaborator: Matt Cave, M.D.
Title: Mechanisms of hepatic stellate cell activation and liver fibrosis in toxicant associated steatohepatitis.
Description:  A comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms regulating fibrosis in toxicant associated steatohepatitis (TASH) is critical for the development of therapeutics aimed at treating the clinically significant endpoints of TASH, e.g. advanced hepatic fibrosis and cirrhosis. This TRSC Research Voucher will allow for exploratory translational research and proof-of-concept studies aimed at obtaining pilot funds and the eventual submission of an NIEHS R01 grant focused on druggable anti-fibrotic targets in patients with TASH.